When considering what type of cannabis seeds to buy, you need to take into consideration all the factors that are involved in germinating, growing and using your herb and because there are tree main cannabis species they all have different aspects of growth, yield and appearance.

Sativa is one of the three cannabis subspecies and it is usually considered the main cannabis specie as it was the first one that was discovered. Because this plant is the most widely used of all the three sub-species many people that don’t know how cannabis plants are classified think that all cannabis plants are Sativas but that is not the case and in reality only the tallest plants with long thin leafs are Sativas. Sativa plants have the key characteristics of long thin leafs that wont overlap and they usually grow tall and can grow to 5 or 6 meter in height if grown in perfect conditions. Sativa plant have been long used for their nutritious seeds and the Hemp fibers that are one of the strongest and most resilient natural fibers in the world. Because Hemp is widely used Hemp-Sativa plants have been bread to have the genetics needed for fast growth and very high yields but they have almost no THC content and that means no high.  However there have also been a very extensive breeding done to get that high THC value back and sativa strains have been bread with Indica ones to create hybrids but that is a completely different story! Pure sativas will have less potency and lower yields per meter of growth than indicas but because they grow faster you can get similar yield in the same amount of time.

Growing Sativa and Indica seeds are almost the same but in some cases sativa seeds can be harder to germinate because in nature Sativa plants grow in warm regions around the equator and they need almost perfect conditions to sprout. But inside you can supply the best condition all year long so you should be able to get similar germination rates from sativa , Indica and autoflower plants.

It is easy to grow Sativa plant because it grows fast and is very strong as well as resistant to illnesses and changes in environmental conditions. Of course if you want to grow good quality weed then you need to take a good care of your plants but that is true for every strain. If you are growing outdoors in a warm environment then sativa is the plant you need because of its massive root system that can absorb moisture and nutrients from deep down in the ground and because these plant will get huge you can get massive yields! Sativa plants will get taller than those two other sub-species so you have to be careful if growing them indoors as many smaller closet grow operations can be too small to grow pure Sativa strains. But if you really want a sativa plant then you have the option to use LST or other training methods and you can also reduce the pot size and get a smaller growth.

Cannabis Sativa and sativa dominant species is known to have a more “head-high” effect that stimulates your hunger and gives you a relaxing and calming effect. We all know that cannabis is good for you and it can be used as a medicine – so here the Sativa plant will really help you because It curs headache, nausea, depression and other illnesses. Because of the more head high “uplifting” feeling you will be able to function properly and you will have more creative thoughts. And that means you will just be happy and everything you do will feel like an amazing experience. Sativas also have great motivational property and under the influence you can do many things as well as you can get rid of you procrastinating self!  The only downside of sativa plants is that they produce less concentrated psychoactive compounds so you will need more product to feel the effects but that also means that you will get more of the other cannabis molecules(cannabinoids) and they also have positive effect on your health and body! And because you don’t get hangovers from cannabis it doesn’t matter how much you ingest and you can’t overdose either!

So If you want a plant that is easy to grow outdoors and can get really tall indoors but will gives you a “mind, head high” feeling then you should defiantly choose some of the different Cannabis Sativa varieties or some sativa dominant crosses. And users usually say that Sativas are for daytime consumption but Indicas are for bedtime usage as they give you a sleepy feeling so be careful when you use your sativas!

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