When thinking about buying cannabis seeds and what strain to have you need to consider all the factors involved in the growing process.
Cannabis Indica plant is short(of course not as small as an autoflower) bushy plant that has adapted to grow in cold climate and harsh weather and that is a big advantage because it will survive almost any conditions and temperatures. This plant has a wide big leafs that usually are in dark green color and the buds form big, bushy and strong due to the leaf shape and structure. If you are a beginner then Cannabis Indica is the plant to choose.

Indica seeds germinate at lower temperatures than sativa and the little sprout is more likely to survive the first few days. You can germinate Indica seeds in soil or on paper towel – it depends on the individual growers taste and skill but for beginners I would recommend to germinate the seeds right in the spot where they will grow.

When the seed is sprouted then the seedling period of the plants life starts. There are many different plants and it could last anywhere from 5 weeks to (almost forever). After the vegetative period starts the flowering phase and here the Indica plant really shows its strength. The strong smell of cannabis Indica plant can’t be mistaken for any other smell and it is amazing. Of course the sativa plants produce aroma too but Indicas are much more powerful and if you are thinking about growing indoors then you defiantly need to have a good ventilation system installed.

When the plant is fully grown then you will see the amazing buds that will get you really high. This strong plant gives you a more stoned “high” unlike the relaxing state that Sativa provides. This can be explained with the ratio of cannabidiol(CBD) to tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) where in Indicas the THC level is much more higher than in Sativa and ruderalis plants.  If you really like to forget about the everyday things and like that “couch lock” feeling then this amazing subspecies of the Cannabis plant is perfect for you.


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  2. nerdstoner on

    Sativa’s actually give you more of a head high than Indica’s. Indica’s are the ones that make your body feel very very relaxed and lazy.

    • yes, you are completely right and many people like Sativa dominant plants more because of this effect, and I am proudly one of them !

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