Sweet Tooth Auto Review


sweet tooth auto budSweet Tooth auto is one of the best strains to grow if you want an all around plant with great yield, great smoke and that is also easy to grow. This Auto Sweet Tooth strain has become a favorite of many growers and when you first try to grow it there is a great relief that you don’t have to stress about nutrients or molds as those autoflower genetics are doing their job well.


Sweet tooth auto is a strain that was developed by Barneys Farm and it is a cross between the original Sweet tooth strain and an unknown autoflower cross.

The autoflower that was used was itself a cross between some generic indica and the wild ruderalis genetics but the original sweet tooth has parents from Afgani, Hawaii and Nepal strains. Because the original sweet tooth strain was such a customer favorite Barneys farm decided to cross it with an autoflowering strain and the end result is this amazing variety that will flower in less than 70 days and can give you more than 100 grams per plant in optimal growing conditions.

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Nowadays you can expect great yield and very stable plants but the first few batches were not that stable and plants varied from violet to completely green buds so be sure to order just the newest batch of seeds.

sweet tooth autoflowering different budsSweet Tooth auto growing

Autoflowers in general are pretty much a breeze to grow and this strain is no exception as it has a very sturdy genetic heritage that will allow you to do some heavy beginner mistakes because the plant will still survive and produce flowers. That is why this can be a great strain for indoor or outdoor first time growers and even putting these seeds in the ground and forgetting about them will yield you a couple dozen grams of delicious buds.

Indoors you can grow the sweet tooth auto under any grow lights including CFL lights and the plant will still produce some amazing buds with one main cola and a couple of smaller side buds. The main cola usually is very dense and even in sub-optimal growing conditions you will really like the look and feel of those flowers. If you have powerful HID or LED lights then you should know that this plant can get a bit top heavy so be prepared to either strengthen it with some additional ventilation or better support it with a bamboo stick or something similar. But if you have a limited growing are then this sweet tooth auto plant can also be trained with LST or HST methods. But be careful with training as this plant, when untouched, can reach more than a meter into the sky so keep that in mind and plan ahead for multiple LST sessions. But if you are topping then do it only once in the late stages of the vegetative growth so you won’t damage it when the flowering phase has started.

Because this is an autoflower you can give it low doses of nutrients and it will still have very healthy and beautiful leafs as well as buds and it can also withstand high and low temperatures but be sure to minimize the waterings as you can quickly do some damage with too much water. When feeding nutrients start with some general vegetative nutes at the end of week 2 and switch to flower nutrients when the first pre-flowers start to appear. But be careful with those doses and I myself usually start with ¼ strength and don’t go stronger than ½ the recommended amount for regular cannabis plants.

vegetative sweet tooth auto

Harvest and Yield

This plant will be ready to harvest in less than 70 days but sometimes with low light conditions it can extend to around 75 days. The yield can vary hugely with many different growing conditions but the average yield should be around 50 grams per plant. But with optimal growing conditions that can be extended to 100 or even 200 grams per plant. Sweet tooth auto will get up to a meter in height and will produce one main cola that will have most of that dry yield. The harvest process will be easy because of those leafs that are 50% sativa and 50% indica so they will be easy to trim and will not create a super dense canopy. The spacing between buds like with all autoflowers will be minimal but that should pose no problems because most of that mass will be concentrated in that single cola and when you cut that off the rest is a peace of cake.

sweet tooth auto bud in floweringSmoke & Smell

The original sweet tooth photo-sensitive strain is a very pleasantly tasting plant and this autoflower cross is no different as you can expect a powerful aroma starting in week 2 of flowering. Sweet Tooth auto will give you a somewhat piney and citrus smell with some mango and peach and that smell will also stay in your mouth after a big bong hit. The high from this strain is very fast starting and you can definitely take too much if you are not careful. Because of that high THC content (more than 16%) you will feel a full body high but also some energetic feelings that will lift your mood and get those creative juices rolling. When you properly dry and cure your sweet tooth auto buds more and more of that fruity aroma will start to come out so be sure not to smoke it all before it has properly cured for a couple of weeks.

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Great Strain

Sweet Tooth is a great performer in all categories and it will not let you down! It has decent yield, great potency and the harvest time is quite short!

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