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royal crematic slose upRoyal Creamatic is one of the new breed of autoflowers that was made by crossing stable indica plant with some ruderalis genetics and the end result is a very powerful and tasty autoflower that is easy to grow, that stays small and gan be ready for harvest in 9 weeks. Royal Creamatic can be grown by professionals as well as amateurs and because of that great heritage you will definitely not be disappointed neither by the yield or the quality of these autoflower buds.


Royal Creamatic autoflowering strain is made by Royal Queen Seeds and it is a cross between a very stable photo sensitive strain Cream Caramel and a ruderalis plant. Because that Cream Caramel strain is a cross between BlueBlack and Maple Leaf as well as White Rhino then the end result is an autoflower that has a very strong indica buzz and also has something from the afghani genetics.

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This autoflower is very mold and bug resistant and when fully developed it resembles some Indica and Sativa Mix with a little broader bud sides and buds that are not that massive and so are more resistant to mold. Royal Queen Seeds claim that Royal Creamatic has more than 15% THC content and it has around 60% Indica genetics and 30% ruderalis with a little mix of 10% sativa genetics.

royal crematic not flowering yetRoyal Creamatic growing

Growing this Royal Creamatic plant is one of the best experiences because you can get more than 100 grams from a single plant in optimal growing conditions and from a plant that does not get taller than 70 to 90 cm that is a lot. I have seen growers get as much as 50 grams from this Royal Creamatic growing it under fluorescent T5 lights and more than 100 grams when grown under proper HID light systems. Because this strain has around 30% autoflower genetics it stays small and will be ready to harvest in around 55 to 65 days and that is a great advantage as you can get as much as 6 harvests a year indoors if you manage your planting and grow room properly. Because Royal Creamatic is an auto flowering plant it is much tougher than the original Cream Caramel plant and it can withstand more heat and nutrient stresses as well as it will need less water and less nutrients to fully develop. If you are a new grower then you can basically plant these seeds in a pot with some generic soil and give them some ¼ or ½ strength generic grow and bloom nutrients and you will still get a decent yield.

Royal Creamatic can be grown either under some regular HID lights or Fluorescent grow lights but you can also use LED diodes if you have the finances to afford a LED grow light system. If you’r grow space is limited it would be best to use CFL, T5 or LED lights as HID grow lights usually get quite hot and you will have trouble getting rid of that excess heat. And because Royal Creamatic can get as high as 100 cm then in smaller spaces you will need to apply LST to manage that height and get a more even plant canopy. Usually when grown untouched Royal Creamatic will grow a dense main cola and some smaller side branches but if you are using training methods you can get multiple main buds that wont get so tall.

Royal Creamatic is a great strain to grow and it won’t let you down so you can expect a great growing experience and a very fast growth! You can grow this plat indoors as well as outdoors and you can use organic or chemical nutrients as well as soil, soilless growing medium and even hydroponics. There should be no problems with either of those growing methods.

Yield and Harvest

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As I mentioned earlier Royal Creamatic grows fast and can be ready to harvest in 8 to 9 weeks (55 to 65 days) and that means yo can have multiple harvests outdoors in one summer and also create a perpetual grow that will yield as much as 6 crops a year. You can expect to get somewhere from 40 to 100 grams from one Royal Creamatic plant and even if you grow it in sub-optimal conditions you can get 20 to 40 grams per plant. The harvest process is also very easy and you should have no problems trimming and drying these buds because they are properly spaced. Because this is an autoflower cross you should not expect buds that have the best bud appeal but they will be better than the generic weed that you can buy from your local coffee shop or dispensary.

Smoke & Smell

Royal Creamatic autoflower is one of the best tastiest strains with a powerful herbal smell and taste that closely resembles the smell that you get from these buds. When you open a jar full of Royal Creamatic you can instantly smell a piney and herbal aroma that can be described as a smell of and early morning forest. The high from this indica dominant plant is very powerful and it has a more body high than head high and after a couple of bong hits you will definitely feel that couch lock and you can even use this strain as a sleep medicine because of those afghani genetics from the original Cream Caramel mother plant. Overall I really liked Royal Creamatic as an evening smoke and it helped me to rewind and go to sleep faster and that is always a good thing!

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Tasty Buds

Royal Creamatic is one of the tastiest autoflower strains that also has a great yield and a strong body high!

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  1. Miles Carter on

    What plants have the highest CBD please.
    Yes I have the California Card.
    Is there one that has say 5 THC and 20 CBD that will not have your head in a tight grip 🙂
    Is ok to be slightly giggly.
    I also can trade seeds…Mine are all in the high range of THC like 27+ %
    Now I know That is more than I like.
    My back has 5 disks out and Rumatoid top of neck down to tailbone.
    CBD helps me more than OXY the Vetern’s gives me.
    Veteran Cambodia/Vietnam 1965-1969
    Yes this is the only email I have.

    • Richard schafer on

      Hi there, if you find what you’re looking for please hit me up. I’m in the same boat, 5 disc in the back gone, haven’t even checked neck, defend disc desease in L3-4 4-5 that’s basically bone on bone and full of bone spurs.

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