Sweet Seeds’ Jack 47 Auto Review


Autoflowering Jack 47 is the result of cross-breeding AK 47 and the Sweet seeds Jack Herer Auto. This strain can be a proud sibling of those two strains who both are one of the best  plants on the market so that makes this particular autoflower irresistible to grow and consume.

These cannabis seeds are very strong and will sprout in couple of days in almost any conditions.

Jack 47 auto is an amazing super auto that has 100% autoflowering traits and it is definitely not your typical small autoflower plant.

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With this strain you can get up to 200 grams from one plant that puts it in the top yielding plants on the market. Of course this 200 gram statement is true only if you apply the most advanced and best growing techniques but a new grower with a LED or CFL setup could also get a decent yield of 50 to 100 grams and that is a really good result for an autoflower.

Despite this high yield you can grow this plant with ease and it will always regroup and grow after your mistakes or other stresses. Also you may think that because of the Jack Herer and AK 47 inheritage that these buds would be too big and dense and small grow rooms could struggle with humidity and molds but that is not the case because of the autoflower genes in this one and they prevent molds and other fungus infections as well as pest attacks.

This strain will be ready in 70 to 90 days from seed so it is a fast finisher but despite that it still will produce amazing buds and will grow up to a meter in height. As the growth progresses and bud formation start you will also need to increase the nutrient supply and I have found that till the flowering cycle start you can not feed this plant at all and it will manage from the nutrients in the soil! But when you do start feeding start with 1/4 strength flower nutes and then slowly increase them to 3/4 or full dose if your Jack 47 is up to the task. As for the feeding schedule it all depends on the set-up but in general you can feed it every other or every third watering!


Photo by Serpent on uk420.com

As the flowering cycle comes to end you will be able to smell a sweet strawberry and other fruity smell and the buds will get a bit purple so they will have great bag-appeal. As you chop off the buds and dry, cure them the smell will become even more distinct and you will get a smoother and smoother smoke as more time passes by.

Sweet Seeds says that this may be one of the most potent autoflowering cannabis plants on the market and that inexperienced growers should not try this super strong weed – at least not in big quantities. It is definitely strong but the smell is a sweet lemon/ strawberry and fresh fruit, but don’t get fooled because this super autoflower will definitely knock you down. As you spark up and inhale you will get a really energetic smoke with a strong urge to get things done but if you get a a few more puffs you can really get high and feel that narcotic effect on your mind.

This is definitely a strong strain but it has no ill effect and no paranoia as those pure THC and no almost no CBD strains!


Photo by Serpent on uk420.com

Overall Auto Jack 47 produces vigorous buds with amazingly many resin glands that are full of  THC and will taste fresh lemony and sweet and the overall look of this plant is a sativa dominant cross with Indica Buds.

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Jack 47 Auto is one of the strongest SUPER autoflower strains that also yields amazing buds and will knock you off your shoes!

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  1. my jack 47 is exactly 60 days old from germination till now.The plant has a lot of growth,lots of branches.the germination procces took 7 days,so i could say the plant has 54 days from sprout.The plant has just started flowering,and by my judgeing it will take another 3-4 weeks till harvest.Now,my other jack47 wich was planted a week later is 2 weeks ahead of my other jack47.she started flowering 1 week faster.the light schedule was 20/4 so far and changed the light to 18/6 yesterday.Overall i am very pleased with my jack47,both growing under 150w

    • Jimmyjim on

      I understand the loose genetics or pheno differences in photoperiod strains as you can pick out something extra special to clone. that being said, in my experience autoflowers are much the same as far as variance . unfortunately there is no reason for this in autos because you cant clone them . with those two things being said, in my opinion I would be ashamed to call myself a breeder of autos if I was. I have not found autoflower genetics that varied to a degree that I would consider consistent . Always open to suggestions or recommendations

      • Jimmyjim on

        The most characteristic stable strain I have found{out of about 25}was DP auto Blue B

  2. My jack 47 germinated quickly and sprouted in the jiffy pot. 24/0 on its second day of life and already have secondary leaves, not sure when to put it into my 2gal pots though and growing all organic! Also, growing this plant indoor and outdoor. All sun all day, grow lights in the shed at night. Any comments or advice is appreciated. Excellent site!!!

    • Transplant it as fast as possible as from my experience I can say that it is best not to transplant them but if you must them do it as quickly as possible to give your plant time to recover and grow to it’s full potential.

    • Cunningham on

      I bought five seeds of Jack 47 auto three of them have use boots on and quite dense ones underneath the plants are not fully developed . My other two Jack 47 I’ve seem to grow quite tall but scraggy yet the vault been watered at the same time I have the same light so I am wondering if I can cut the top branches of the big nougats off and still keep it going for the smaller ones at the bottom please get back to me and give me some advice

  3. It’s now 31 days for Jack 47 auto and she’s a beauty that smells wonderful. Any ideas on when I should expect her to flower???

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