Top Autoflowering Cannabis Strains



Best Overall autoflower strain – Auto Blueberry

AutoBlueberry from Dutch Passion is one of those strains that you just need to have in your medicine cabinet. This Auto BlueBerry is maybe the tastiest autoflower strain out there as this is a direct crossing from the original Blueberry strain but because of more than 5 generations of back-breeding, you get that 100% autoflower trait that will allow you to yield about 45 grams per plants in about 70 days in ideal conditions. The high from this amazing cannabis variety is great and it is somewhat an uplifting Sativa dominant high but if you take a bit more than you can handle you will definitely feel that strong Indica body high. This strain grows great inside and outside but it is not the easiest strain to grow so choose this if you already have a couple of grows under your belt!

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Cheapest autoflower strain – Lowryder

Lowryder is the original autoflowering strain that has been around for about 10 years and because of that, this strain is now one of the cheapest to buy. Lowryder was a real deal-breaker in this cannabis seed world as it was the first fully autoflowering strain with a decent yield, decent potency, and also a great pest and other illness resistance. Now Lowryder is sold by many different seed banks and because of that big availability you can get these seeds for only a few bucks and that is amazing considering how much all those other cannabis seeds cost. The teste and medical value of this strain are medium but as all autoflowers this is rich in CBD so it should have great medical benefits. The taste is somewhat an Indica dominant hash-like taste and the high is mediocre as it is somewhere in the middle between Indica and Sativa dominant strains.

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Most potent autoflower strain – Original Amnesia

Autoflowering Original Amnesia is maybe the most potent autoflowering strain out there and that statement alone is worth repeating. Basically, this is a cross-breed from the regular Amnesia strain that has a mind blowing potency and one hit of this strain can give you a couch lock for hours. This autoflowering variety is no different and even if it has lost just a little of that original potency it still is very very powerful. The taste of this strain is similar to lemons or maybe butterscotch candies but if you take a big hit you will definitely feel that hash-like earthy taste of that 20% THC content. Overall this is a very powerful Sativa dominant strain that grows tall like Sativa but that has buds just like any Indica so it has managed to pull together the best of those two worlds.

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Fastest growing autoflower strain – Roadrunner

Roadrunner autoflowering from Dinafem seeds is our selection for the fastest growing autoflower strain and because of that 60 to 70-day turnaround, any grower will be able to yield something in a very short and discrete way. Because of that fast growth and small size, this strain will not give you huge yield but it is not bread for that purpose and basically, it is created so that small scale growers can try out different grow methods and middle to large scale growers could grow plants that have an amazing two moth harvest date. The taste and smell of the buds harvested from this roadrunner are somewhat fruity but does not have any distinct characteristics like other strains in this list. Overall this is a great little plant with a decent yield, decent taste, and average potency but where this strain excels is in that speed of growth!

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Biggest yielding autoflower strain – Big Bang

Big Bang autoflowering from Green House seed company is from that new generation of SUPER autoflower strains as this plant can get you up to 80 grams from a single plant. This strain can grow taller than 1 meter so it is not your typical small autoflower plant and because of that it also takes longer to mature but it will still flower automatically but you will have to wait a bit more for it. Big Bang is great for larger indoor grows but it really strives in an outdoor environment where it can grow huge. Apart from that longer growth time, you can still get multiple harvests every year because of that autoflower gene that automatically triggers it to start flowering. The taste and smell of those dried flowers is fruity citrus/apple-like but it is quite strong and it comes up really fast so after a bigger hit you better sit down! This also has great medical benefits as it relieves pain and increases appetite so medical patients will also love it!

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Tastiest autoflower strain – Auto Pineapple Express

Auto Pineapple express is my personal favorite autoflower strain as I really love the taste and smell of those properly dried and cured buds. This autoflower is not a particularly big yielder and neither is it a very potent strain but as the title states I have chosen this as the tastiest strain and that is quite true. When you are growing this beautiful plant you will start to smell a hint of pineapple around the time when it starts flowering and as the flowering process continues you will get more and more of that sweet and sugary smell in your growing area. When the plant is ready for chopping you will definitely see some purple/violet hues in those buds and after a great chop as you dry and cure those buds they will become even more beautiful. When you spark up this strain will not taste any different than any other autoflowers but the aftertaste is amazing! The high is a very uplifting/joyful one and you can get a lot of things done while under the influence. I also found that this strain works really well for back pain relief and also cures headaches.

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Shortest autoflower strain – Betty Boo

Betty Boo is an autoflower strain created by Lowryder seeds and it is intended to be one of the smallest and fastest-growing strains on the market. Because of these two traits, this small strain can be grown in really small areas but it can also create a great SoG grow if you plant them really close together. Basically, this is the strain to buy if you have very limited space or just want to maximize your vertical growing space in a short grow box. The taste and smoke from this small thing are quite strong and with about 15% THC you can really feel the effect but because this has the genetics of that strong Indica dominance you won’t feel any specific taste in edibles made from it or in the smoke. If you grow this Betty Boo properly you can get 15 to 20 grams from each plant but the best part is that really small size that is somewhere in the 20 to 30 cm range.

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