About Midowo

I am autoflower grower and enthusiast.
Here on autoflowering-cannabis.com you will see me as Midowo as it is my nickname!

My Story

I once saw a cannabis movie “The Union: Business behind getting High” and that changed my life! At first I was skeptical but slowly doing my research I saw that the movie was completely right and cannabis plants are so amazing and I was shocked why it is still illegal. I knew that cannabis is the one thing that I really love and are passionate about because I love growing and cannabis is such a beautiful plant with those pointy leaves and those green colors, and I wont even mention the buds! I know that Weed is the real thing and I believable it should be legal and as Franco from Green House Seeds told it in their Swaziland documentary “You know inside yourself when you spark up a Joint that it should not be illegal!”

So after this initial introduction to cannabis I came across the original lowryder by doing some research after hearing that there are marijuana plants that will flower under 24 hours of light. After the initial research I was hooked and I immediately knew that autoflowers is my field!

After researching forums and communities all over the internet I knew what automatic cannabis can do and who would benefit from them but I was surprised that there is so little information on this revolutionary plant!

So I went forward and grew my first autoflowering seeds and they were amazing, they grew like mad and they were so easy to grow, but there was one problem that I could not find decent information on them , so after the first grow I started this website to educate other growers just like mo that struggle with growing and not knowing what works and what doesn’t!

So what is autoflowering cannabis.com?

This website is my gift to all growers who are researching information about autoflowering plants and don’t want to spend hundreds of hours searching through forum posts and asking for advice personally. Here at autoflowering-cannabis.com I write articles related to autoflowers so that every cannabis grower could benefit from them regardless of his/her experience.

Autoflowering-cannabis.com is also intended to spread the word about these amazing automatically flowering plants and all their advantages over the regular plants.

So if you are interested in these amazing plants go ahead and search the website for articles that would benefit you and you can also ask questions after the posts in the comment section or write me an email at autofloweringcannabis.com@gmail.com or give me a quick Tweet or Facebook message.

You can also subscribe to autoflowering-cannabis newsletter and receive monthly updates on autoflower growing / seeds and general news that you won’t find in the blog or anywhere else!


  1. hey man, i want to commend you for making this site. its really, really well made. very informative and interesting. very cool.

  2. vibrocil on


    Love the site, convinced me to grow under the 24/0 lightcycle…
    I was just wondering: How long have you been growing autoflowers?

    Greetings from Belgium!

    • Hi
      Tnx for stopping by,
      I think my first autoflower grow was about 4 to 5 years ago so I am not a pro at it, just accumulated some knowledge and want to spread it with the world!
      Hope you find my articles helpful!

      • vibrocil on

        Hellow again…

        You claim not being a pro, reading your site makes me think otherwise :p
        Keep up the good work! I found this reading extremely helpful, all I get around here are tips from regular growers (eg. not autoflowers) which are of no real use to me…

        Cheers & tnx mate 😉

  3. Jackyork on

    Hi Midowo, We have chatted on here before, I am an indoor grower and on my 5-6 Th auto grow, my question is regarding Stitch’s ‘Super-Cali-Haze seeds I have 2 of these plants and as I write this its day 91 or week 13, I have pics that id like you to look at if possible, the problem I’m having is there is no smell on these plants and no sign of THC, both plants are healthy and the buds are fluffy but not very dense.

    I dint know if you have grown this strain yourself and in a position to advise me without showing you pics. Is there anywhere I could send you pics? If you cant help I’d be gratefull if you have an e-mail address or contact for the original breeder Stitch.

    Many thanks Jack.

  4. Jackyork on

    (update ) I have found an email address for Stitch and sent him pics and a message, I would still very much appreciate your opinion and I would like to send you pics to look at if possible.

  5. Midowo,
    You may not consider yourself an expert or pro with cannabis cultivation, especially autoflowers, but I agree with Vibrocil…me thinks otherwise! A few things are obvious to us: your passion for autoflowers; your understanding of autoflower habits; and your ability to communicate it all with above average writing skills. Thank you for providing the autoflower community with your detailed research and thoughtful presentations…we are grateful indeed. Well done sir…very well done!

    • Tnx for those very kind words!
      I am more than happy to provide information to anyone that sees it as helpful!

  6. Since I’m ignorant and new to all this, I respectfully ask for recommendations/suggestions on what to get. I have a cheap, 40 sqft grow tent (4 x2 x5), with two 90watt UFO LED. I need a proper intake ventilation fan and exhaust fan/air scrubber set up. My main concern is the exhaust/scrubber combo. I’ve been considering a 6” combo, but the people at the store say it may be overkill and to reconsider the 4” combo. Also they said to lay it on the floor of the tent and not worry about overhead heat. What’s a boy to do?

    • Hi Iloyd,
      You need to look at that 6 inch and 4 inch fan cubic feet per minute volumetric capacity and determine how much air they each can move in a minute. Then if you know that your tent has 40 sqft then the fan should be able to move that amount every minute or two and there is no need to get a fan larger than that. As for the placement the intake should be at the bottom but the extraction fan should definitely be at the top!
      I looked at some approximate numbers for the 6 inch and 4 inch fans and it seems that that 6 inch fan is indeed an overkill as I found one that can move more than 300 sqft per minute.
      Hope this helps

  7. Yes, your knowledge and experience is always helpful. Thanks for such a quick reply.

  8. Seraphim19 on

    Hello Midowo

    Firstly let me congratulate you on a well put together site.

    My main reason for commenting is that I feel this site would be vastly improved if you had some other people contributing and debating with you about the validity of some of your points.

    The reason I say this is that I am an autoflower grower, breeder and seed company owner and while I agree with the vast majority of the information on the site, I do disagree with some too. I feel that if you were to collaborate with more experienced growers you would be able to increase your own knowledge base and increase the quality and amount of info you are posting.

    i.e. if you had a breeder write you an article on breeding, genetics and selection, I am sure you will learn a bit and also be able to put it to good use.

    Just my 2 cents for improving your site

    • Hi Seraphim
      You are completely right, and I have thought about getting some guest bloggers but there aren’t a lot of people that would be willing to wright those articles.
      If you are interested then please contact me at autofloweringcannabis.com@gmail.com

  9. Hey Midowo,
    My exhaust fan/carbon filter combo just arrived from Low_Baller @ Amazon.com, and all looks and sounds good. I have a question though: the carbon filter canister has a plastic liner between the canister and the outer white filter membrane…it will certainly prevent any air from exhausting out of the filter. Is that supposed to stay like that or should I remove it? The reason I ask is that it seems impossible to remove without cutting/tearing that outer white filter membrane which would render it useless. None of the photos/videos I’ve viewed demonstrating these carbon filters had this plastic. Please advise.


    • Hy LIoyd,
      I’m afraid I will not be able to help you as I also have not seen a plastic on those filters.
      But if it is secured there and there is no way of getting it out then it must have a purpose.

  10. TwoDOG125 on

    Mr. Midowo;

    In all the time since I found your site I had not noticed the dates of your posts, it is my hope you are well when this message finds you. I posted on the LED portion of your site I want you to know every word true, and I would like to express my gratitude , your research and findings have made me a much better Grower a self sustaining grower. It is my hope that the laws controlling will ease as do many others I guess. it was hard for me to write what I did, you see , my back ground was in law. I have found the will to live will over power even the sternest ASSHOLE LOL. Thank you sir you have given me more than I have a right to. Kindest Regards and best Wishes to you and yours. TwoDog125;