Autoflowering bulk seedsMedium to large autoflower growers have three choices if they want to grow many plants and they are:

  1. Buy some seeds and create their own feminized or regular seed, but this option takes time and resources and if they want to grow their crop right away this option is not viable.
  2. Buy multiple packs of autoflowering seeds which cost a lot of money and usually there are just 3 to 10 seeds in one pack!
  3. The third and the best solution is to buy bulk autoflowering seed packages from Seedsman and they are well worth their money because if you buy seeds in large amounts you can get quite a bit of discount. Seed companies and seed breeders also like to sell larger amounts of seeds at one time not to sell them one by one and this is why they can afford to lower prices on bulk packages!

These bulk packages are good for many reasons and there are multiple ways you could use them.

  • Large scale growers can buy a bulk package of 100 or more seeds and immediately get 100 female autoflowering plants and in two to three months get a huge harvest.

  • Seed breeders can buy bulk packages and grow them out so they can choose the best of the best and crossbreed them further with some other batch of autoflower or regular plants.

  • Bulk seeds can be good for test runs and an overall test of the strains and their stability.This test run will show you if all of the offspring’s are equal in all their characteristics so in future grows you can always get what you expected at the same time every time!

  • Another option is to buy a bulk autoflower seed package and use them incrementally storing the rest in a well suited environment. This option can be very powerful if you know that you need to grow autoflowering plants every two months and you want the same strain. The bulk package will save you a lot of money in the long run but you need to be careful and store those seeds properly! Auto flowering cannabis seeds will stay viable for 3 to 5 years if stored accordingly so you can in theory buy bulk seeds and use them for 5 years but in practice it is best to use them in the first 2 to 3 years and longer period can lead to lower seed germination ratios.

Here is one example how much money you could save by buying bulk autoflower seed package:

So if, for example, a 10 seed package costs about $55 then the price of one seed is $5.5 and 100 seeds would cost $550 (10*$55)

But if we take, for example, The Incredible Bulk Feminised Seeds bulk seed package of 100 seeds that costs only $103.12 then one seed price is just $1.03.

This reduced price means that if you need to plant 100 autoflower plants you could save whopping $464.88 ($550-$103.12) and this number increases even more if you buy seeds in even bigger packages.

So you can very easily see that buying autoflowering seeds in bulk packages can be very beneficial to growers and you can untimely save quite a lot of money!



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