What are indica autoflowers?

bubblicious autoflowerAutoflower Indica plants started their journey when the first cannabis ruderalis plants were crossed with regular cannabis Indica strains that made the offspring’s be a short and bushy autoflowers that produce reasonable quantities of THC. These clones are not as big or potent as regular Indica strains but they flower automatically and that makes them stand out of the crowd and lets growers grow plants in smaller and tighter places and harsh conditions. This short size of Indica autoflowers is also the reason why this variety of autoflowers are easy to grow, as you can produce your harvest in 70 days and that means they are really fast!

True indica autoflowers are potent and the branches are closer together that let them produce tight flowers and increase the yield and bud density. The most potent autoflowers can get close to 20 % THC and the leafs of these plants are short, the individual spikes on each leaf are close together and their width is bigger so they look thicker than the original ruderalis or sativa leafs. Autoflower Indica leaves are also more darker and are in a dark green color whereas the sativas are a bit lighter green. The smell of the True indica auto is also not comparable with the sativa crosses as they are really strong, fruity whereas the Sativas are minty and sweet. Usually you can get really stoned from the true Indica autos and the high is more like the full body couch lock not the sativa typical head high.

In their natural habitats Indicas are more stronger than Sativas and that means the indica autoflower crosses are also stronger than the mainly sativa autoflower crosses so they will more likely be able to protect themselves from insects and better cope with temperature fluctuations. This temperature adaptation let growers produce autoflower weed in harsher growing environments and some temperature or light fluctuations won’t affect these auto indica plants as much.

These days Indica autoflowers are starting to resemble the real Cannabis Indica plants as they get a lot taller and their yield and THC content is almost as big as the regular indica strains. This makes these super plants good for larger industrial growers as they can now plant these wonderful marijuana plants outside at a regular time period and will be able to know when the plants are ready so they will be able to harvest them safely. The predictable harvest time also lets growers get more than one crop per season. The same growing time period for all the same seeds makes them very predictable and you can plant them to get a harvest every month, like for example: if I would plant an indica auto every month 2 months before the summer and also at the summer months i would get a perpetual monthly harvest.

Indica SUPER autoflowers

The true autoflower indica pitfall from the regular seed standpoint is that they have earlier flowering time period and one plant cannot grow for more than 3-4 months and produce truly big yield. This short time period means that they can’t be cloned and one plant cannot live for theoretically forever as a mother plant and give clones all year long. These pitfalls may seem big to regular ganja seed growers but we autoflowerists know that they are in a fact advantages and makes regular plants become obsolete.

The best autoflowering Indica plants come from the best seed companies and you can find selections from:

Of course these are not the only ones that should be included in this list but they are the most popular and will most likely be the most stable for you.

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