Big Bang Autoflower Review


green-house-seeds-big-bang-autofloweringBig Bang autoflowering is one of the best auto seeds from Green House seed company. It is the autoflower version of the Big Bang regular strain what is a cannabis cup winner and one of the best commercial strains from these World known seed breeders. This auto strain has a Skunk X, Northern Light and El Niño heritage and also the original ruderalis genetics so it is a fast growing but decent yielding strain.

These amazing auto seeds can grow in a wide range of temperatures and will get almost 100% germination in temperatures that are above 10 degrees Celsius.

The growing is easy and almost any grower can start with this and get a decent yield. Big Bang is perfect for indoor and outdoor grows and produces a considerable amount of yield because it’s flowering period is a bit longer than typical autoflowering strains and will be ready from 70 to 85 days.

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Because of this longer growing cycle Big Bang autoflower is also a bit taller and can reach up to a meter in height so it is not considered one of those dwarf plants and you will need a bit more grow space to be able to grow this.

If we talk about the nutrients then this auto is just like a regular short day plant and can handle almost as strong of a solutions as its mother plant the Original Big bang. But because of the ruderalis genetics I would anyway suggest to start off small with 1/2 strength nutes and if your plant seems to like them then increase the concentration. I have seen other growers give them full nutrient schedules with positive results but also one grow where at the end that nutrient strength started to show some overdose effects.

As for the light schedule then this is not a fully autoflowering plant as some grower say it needs at least 8 hours of darkness to start properly that flowering cycle. If this is true and this Big Bang Autoflower is a semi-autoflowering then you can’t grow it under 24 hours of light as it can grow tall or wont flower at the right time so be careful with that light schedule.

big bang bud shotfrom green house seeds

All in all this is a very easy strain to grow and in about 70 days you will be able to harvest a somewhat sativa like nugs but a bit more denser and bigger just like your typical hybrid.

Green House Seeds say that this will yield 900g on a square meter of growth and about 40 grams outside from each plant and I guess this is true as inside growers have got anywhere from 20 to 50 grams and I think that is a better measurement than those grams per square meter. T

he smoke is tasty and gives you quit a strong body / mind high and is perfect for medical users as it relieves pain and  will give you the munchies.

The effect comes up strong with body effects and you better sit down if you take a big hit of this as it can give you that strong body relaxation feeling. The taste is a bit sour and tastes like a citrus / apple and overall is quite juicy.

If you give it a good cure then you will love the taste and the smoke will feel mellow and not harsh at all. And another good trait of this Auto Big Bang is that those buds look beautiful with some purple hues but overall a light green color and basically just like any other regular strain and I guess if you put two nugs of the original Big Bang and this auto version you won’t be able to tell the difference before you tasted it as this autoflowering version is a bit less potent but has higher CBD as all autoflowers.

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Huge Yield!

Big Bud auto is maybe the best yielding plant with very dense and resinous buds that have decent THC and CBD concentrations.

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  1. What are the approximate % chances that your feminized plants will produce female plants and not hermaphrodites?

    • The percentage of females to hermies is huge and every seed company is different but on average you can expect from 1%-5% hermies. I have come across growers that say some seed company feminized seeds produce 5%-20% hermies but I am skeptical hearing those claims.

      • i can tell you 3 of my big bang turned hermie, i only bought it cos i read some bs ranking stating big bang as number1, what a mild mild smoke, 20minutes of slight mellow, 4out of 10, stilton cheese by autoseeds is what you call top shelf

  2. would you recomend trimming away the lower ‘scrappy’ branches when scrogging autos?

    • Hi,
      I myself usually don’t trim those lower branches.
      My reasoning for this is that autoflowers have a limited life time and if we stress them by trimming off branches and leafs that are still producing energy for that plant, then it will ultimately lower the end yield.

  3. thanks for the reply, sounds like good advice. just 1 more question mate, how often would you recomend feeding. some say once a week others say every other watering. i’m not sure….

    • For the feeding schedule, I think every other watering is acceptable, and I usually just see how my plants look and how they respond to those nutrients. If I see some nute burns or deficiency early symptoms I give them plain water or increase the nutrient dose.
      Hope This helps!

      • I have a question my watering schedule is every 4 days, so i give them, feed,water,feed,water .. Should I switch it to lower doses and feed them every time??

        • Hi, I think there is no need to switch and feed them every time. I like to give my plants clean water just the way you are doing to flush out chemical buildup in the pot.

    • Outside you can use some chicken or cow manure or plant them in a nutrient rich soil.

  4. Moondude on

    Green House Seed’s website lists the Flower time at 6 weeks. This is certainly a significant difference compared to the 70-85 days discussed in the review. I am new to “real” growing and would love some insight on this issue in general; “breeder data accuracy.”


    • I think that Green House just mentions the flowering time from the day when those forst pre-flowers show. But the whole life cycle is longer and is around thos 70 to 85 days depending on the growing connditions.

  5. Robin Ferri on

    I would also like to ask if the auto big bang variety will flower in 24/7 light, since I am growing everything in 1 room…..

    • Hi,

      If you got the real autoflower genetics then the plant should flower even under 24/7 light.

  6. Robin Ferri on

    Can someone please tell me how long it will take to maturity? There is confusing reports…For Big bang auto flowering feminized plant.
    Thank You

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