super autoflowering plantSuper autoflowering cannabis or also called super autos are the newest development in autoflowering genetics. These auto plants are called super autos, because they can match the strength, potency and yield with regular cannabis Indica and sativa strains.

Autoflowering breeders have continuously been improving seed genetics and slowly getting closer and closer to regular strains in THC as well as CBD contents and yields. First generation of autoflowering cannabis plants like the original lowryder had much less THC content if we compare them with regular strains, and the yields were also small, but those original automatic plants were bred specially to have those traits and they were and still are excellent and now many small-time growers choose autoflowering seed over those regular ones. Since those first commercial autoflower seeds , automatic plants have continuously been improving and now almost all biggest seed companies have their versions of autoflowering seeds that stay short but produce buds with High THC contents. As good as these auto cannabis plants are they cannot match regular strains in yield and size and these drawbacks have been the main reason large inside and outside grow operations are not using autoflowering plants.

Lately many of the largest seed companies have been experimenting with combining those autos with their best cannabis species and back-breeding them in countless generations to basically get rid of the Ruderalis traits like small size, small yields and low THC contents. After many many tries they have succeeded and created a SUPER Autoflowering species that are basically regular species with the autoflowering gene in them that kicks in later in their life cycle. These super autos usually grow twice as tall as regular plants and they start automatically flowering after much longer vegetative growth that lets them get really big and be as good as regular cannabis strains.

This is basically the holy grail of autoflowering seeds because you can by a super auto plant and no matter what the light cycle is they will always start flowering after a certain period and will be as big and potent as the regular strain. This gives growers new possibilities to explore like growing cannabis in harsh weather, getting multiple harvests per summer and getting more bud from the same amount of light indoors, not to mention the feminized super autoflowering seeds that will 100% produce females and give growers much bigger yields and better turnarounds.

Super auto cannabis are the culmination of the breeding process what was started in the early 2000 when the first ruderalis and regular strains were combined. So basically Super autoflowers are the dream come true to the first autoflower breeders who started to cross species and hoped to make sativa and indica plants that start automatically flower after a certain time period and are not influenced by light cycle changes.

Are Super Autos the end of the regular small autoflowering plants?

I don’t think they are because there are numerous applications where small plants are better than super autoflowering ones and small autoflower seed production and demand will increase even more. And I believe that super auto seeds will rather take hold in regular cannabis seed markets and will take some slice of that market because as I told before they are more like regular seeds with an additional privilege that the plants that grow out of those seeds will automatically flower!

The best super autoflowers can produce anywhere from 100 to 200 grams per plant and reach heights up to two meters depending of the strain they where made from.

Super autoflower seed prices are a bit higher than regular seeds but as production and consumption increases they will drop as low as regular automatic seeds.
Here are some of the best feminized SUPER auto seeds:


  1. Just read your article and sorry, but you’ve got a couple things wrong. First off, Super Autos contain no ruderalis. They were bred from fast finishing photo strains to mature more quickly than photo period strains outdoors. They are mainly sativa or sativa dominant. Again, this was done to produce sativas that finish faster than sativa photos, which often won’t finish outdoors till well into November. Super Autos will generally finish in about 120 – 140 days, well ahead of photos.

    Super Autos were bred by the breeder Stitch, who has bred the majority of both the Short Stuff and Low Life seed lines. With the exception of Super Cali Haze which is sold through Short Stuff, all of the other Supers are only available through Flash Seeds. The others you mentioned, Jack 47, Critical Jack, Big Bang, etc. all contain ruderalis, so are not Super Autos, but bigger phenotype dwarfs.

    • Thanks for the explanation Muddy, I have seen you around in various forums talking and discussing autos and you really know everything about autos and super autos as well for that matter! Respect!

      • heheoopp on

        auto is auto and photo is photo, if it is an auto it isnt a photo dependant… simple as that. no photo will mature in 18 hours daylight, even if it is called super auto. flash seeds plants are supposed to be 100 percent auto. big bang is an old strain that came before the autos, based on big band…. its is photo.

        I dont like reading complete nonsense like “those autos are fast photos” an auto cannot be a photo plant. a super photo if you want, fine, a super auto is not photodependant. therefore it contains some kind of rudy or auto gene.

        • Hi heheoopp, I don’t think you are entirely right, but tnx for your input!
          My reasoning is that super autos are somewhat of an auto and photoperiod plant cross.
          If what you are saying is correct, how can you explain the wild ruderalis species flowering much earlier than regular sativa and indica strains but still much longer than these regular autoflowering strains. In Baltic region I have seen wild ruderalis strains that end their flowering cycle in September when it is still not even close to 12:12 life cycle.
          I can’t explain the science behind this phenomenon but I think it should be a mix of auto-flowering traits and also photo period traits because they do not flower fully automatically!

        • Hollywood on

          Yes dude you are wrong, theres three types of cannabis. There is Cannabis Indicas, Cannabis Sativas and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Ruderalis buds by age not hours of light. Crossed with indicas or sativas you get autoflowers. thc potent plants that can bud in 6 to 8 weeks stating from seed. I suggest educating yourself before you grow anything if you know nothing of autoflowers.

    • He said they back crossed the lud out of them but still have the auto flowering next time read it

    • Sorry muddy but you dont have a clue what your talking about the whole reason its called a auto in the very first place is because it automatically flowers regardless of the light cycle. Ive grown autos and photo and im here to tell you everything said in that article is true ( of course if you kno what you doing ) the new gen of autos are just as potent and for the short time they grow yield a good amount of bud im talking some will give you over 4oz per plant indoors.

    • Funny because my Superautos by stitch are not photo-induced, are not Sativa dominant, and are in full flower right now under 18/6 light regiment. I think you should be quiet and…

      Dude do you even grow?

  2. professor brainiac on

    actually nirvana sky is a “super-auto” that does, in fact have ruderalis (sativa+ruderalis)

    • Hi, I haven’t grow it myself but I think it will do from 20 to 40 grams with decent lights!

    • King James on

      Most dont come close to a photo plant. That strain I cant say for sure, but if you need big yields, you would be better off with photos.

    • Nightslast on

      I got just about 3 and a half OZ from auto purple… in a 5 gall fabric smart pot 2 LED lights… 1000W and 300W… advanced nutrients nutes veg and bloom sensi… with voodoo juice…

      • John O'Malley on

        I get at least a quarter pound dry bud from most autos. I use 7 gallon cloth pots and a super soil. Towards the end I may add some flower nutes but always add a bud booster. I use a 1000 watt Hps and a 315Cmh and also I have one of thoes perscription Uv-B lights I use a few hrs a day. Peace

  3. muffmatics on

    As far as i know with super autos, there are those that take about 100-120 days, like flash seeds super autos, and the largest ones for companies like dutch passion, that take about 70 – 80 days.

    All of flash seeds super autos descent for super auto number 1, which is partly from a hungarian ruderalis. flash guy found very tall ruderalis in hungaria, and made a cross with skunk type stuff, and got plants that had the big hungarian auto gene in it, that take 100 120 days.

    they start flowereing heavily after about 45 days, compared to 21 days for dutch passion super autos, and then they take 2 months to bud. this is really what i understand to be super auto.

    i am suprised to see the others on your list apparently do 1.5-2m xmas trees, will have to read up about them, thanks!

  4. I recently purchased Auto Bubblegum 5 Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds can anyone tell me about these?

    • Hi Dmoney,
      I have not used or grown this strain so I will not be able to help you on this question.
      Maybe someone has some comments about auto Bubblegum?

    • DeeSpence on

      I have grown that one, it’s a good plant, grows about 1.5 m tall, decent yield, I wasn’t super impressed with the smoke, but to each his or her own…

  5. growgoooder on

    May 1, 2013 i sowed 100’s (more than 1000) beans of Russian Rocket Fuel seeds in the backyard of an abandoned house, which had been desolate for maybe 10 years. I’d seen that that yard grow 4 and 5 foot weeds every year. I went back August 15, 2013, and in the 3 foot grass adn other weeds, found 121 plants 9 to 12 inches, which averaged 3/4 oz yield (21 grams). Great smoke, potent and fuely–not my favorite–i I prefer fruity. So I traded for what i love to smoke.
    Over the winter i made thousands of feminized Russian Rocket Fuel seeds, planning to do it bigger this year, but last week (June 17, 2014) when i drove by, i see somebody tore the house down and leveled the lot, so my ideal grow spot ended up with dead babies gone and all bare ground. Waah!

  6. Mr Eastside on

    Interesting stuff!! Can anybody tell me about Cream of the Crop’s “Cash Crop”… I was wondering if that is a super auto or heavy yielder?

    • Hi,
      I Don’t know anything about that strain, but hope somebody els has grown it and can help you!

  7. Mowgli.lcc on

    Growing afghan skunk auto. Abt 6weeks old and till no sign of buds and there still vegging????. Got 3 under 250w hps on for 22 off for 2. Do you think they may not be autos?

    • It might be a super auto strain but even for those 6 weeks is a bit too much if there are no pre-flowers by now. I would suggest switching to 12/12 and see how your plants respond!

    • Totally strange strain. I got auto afghan skunk (advanced) , outdoors. She showed preflower at day 43 with almost half a meter in height and she is very healthy. Last year I had the same two plants under the same conditions with normal fourth week pistils. Possible that it has something with the age of the seed. Definitely, should be better crop:)

  8. mr wales on

    I have 2 x OG fruity kush superauto. Going to grow outside in buckets. I got them from breeder stitch aka flash seeds.

    • What soil are you using ans how big growing containers?

      I haven’t grown that strain myself and can’t find any information on it so I would be interested in how it performs under natural sunlight.

  9. agrowerfromasunnyplace on

    I bought 3 critical neville haze auto…planted them with the same soil…same bucket…same stufff.but a strange thing hapened..2 of them were ready & ive already harvested at 78 days from seed…the 3rd one started the flowering period at 80 days from seed.can anyone explain me why this is hapening? Sorry for my english guys.greetings from sicilia

    • Hi,
      That third plant seems to show a differen phenotype than the two others and that usually happens when the breader has not stabilised the strain properly.
      What is your light schedule for this grow? (sometimes with unstable autoflowers it is best to increase the dark period to kickstart the flowering. But if your plant has already started the flowering cycle then there is no need for that. )
      I atleast hope that the plant is healthy and will give you a great yield.

      • agrowerfromasunnyplace on

        Tks for the reply.ive forgotten to say that i grow them outdoor in greenhouse.she started to flower 2 days ago & she’s really healthy,double in everything..branches.tallness…etc..thibk shes gonna be double even in the weight of the buds.

        • Great to hear that!
          And sounds like the fact that your particular autoflower plant turned out to be more like a super-auto strain is a good thin after all.

    • John O'Malley on

      I have had autos do the same thing. I will harvest 4 plants and I have 2 which still havent budded yet. I now switch to a 12×12 light schedule for 3 or 4 days and then back to 20-4 light schedule. That usually kicks them into gear. Peace

  10. ButchGreen1 on

    To everyone raving about Flash Seeds. Breeder Stitch is very unprofessional, dude hosts contests and the winners don’t receive their seeds.

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