Lowryder Autoflowering Review


loweryder vision seedsLowryder is one of the best-known autoflowering strains because lowryder was one of the first commercial autoflowering cannabis plant whose seeds were available  on the market.

Vision seed company Lowryder seeds have been produced from crossing Northern Lights #2, William’s Wonder and a wild ruderalis plant.

There are numerous new autoflowering seeds available on the market now, but the lowryder is still standing strong mainly because its price has come down tremendously and now original lowryder seeds are one of the cheapest autoflowering cannabis seeds that you can buy.

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The THC content is not as high as the new Super autos but still you can get a decent high with a good taste and amazing smell.

These seeds are the result of nine generations of breeding and they are very very stable and will not produce hermaphrodite plants and you will love the 60 to 65 day life cycle that will allow to grow multiple crops per season outdoors and really fast bud indoors.

You can grow these cheap autoflower seeds in almost any climate where the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius so that makes this autoflower plant perfect for short summer regions. Indoors loweryder seeds can be grown in much coldest temperatures and they will not mind a little hotter climate than the ideal autoflower temperature what is 27 to 29 C.

Lowryder is the best for new growers, because it is now a very well known strain and everything you can encounter is discussed in various forums and these lowryder seeds will be very easy to grow.

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First AF

The original Lowryder is the original autoflower strain that started this whole field of automatically flowering plants!

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