Autoflowering Super Cali Haze Review


super cali haze budSuper Cali Haze is one of the best SUPER autos that can yield as much as regular sativa plants. This amazing autoflowering cannabis plant is the creation of Stitch that is one of the best autoflower seed breeders and he has done a beautiful job with this Haze. Super Cali Haze looks and grows like a regular sativa dominant phenotype plant and basically the only difference is that it starts flowering automatically after a certain amount of time and that gives growers new possibilities for inside and outside grow operations. This strain is one of those first autoflower SUPER Sativa plants and it was created from crossing Nirvana sky strain with unknown autoflowering ruderalis one and then back-crossed with a Cali unknown strain and this is the result!

Growing this plant is easy but you need a lot of space to facilitate it as it can grow like a real sativa with those distinctly long branches and big inter-nodal space. Because of that stretching you will need to use some training methods if you want to maintain a low profile or pot it in a smaller grow container to get slower growth as this plant will explode in the second and third week of vegetative-growth. After it shows flowers you’ll still have some two weeks of amazingly fast growth and then it stops and slowly turns into the bud production and here comes in that sweet smell.

Super Cali Haze growers say that inside this plants is too huge for small grow rooms and you better be prepared for a big autoflowering plant but outside it can get up to 2 meters high.My thoughts are that with LST you can train any plant to contain any growing environment but to get to the full potential Indoors growers should use at least 10 gallon pots but this super autoflowering plant is mainly made for outside growers and commercial inside/outside growers that can give these plants all the room they need. If you manage to get those conditions right you can yield tremendous amounts of more than 150 grams from one plant. But from the other side if you give this strain only the bare essentials you will still get some 20 grams of dried bud mass so there are various different applications for this amazing Super autoflower. One thing to mentions is that you can supply full regular cannabis nutrient schedules and dosages for this strain as it is basically a sativa that flowers automatically!

Short-Stuff-Seeds Super-Cali-Haze

The buds of this Super Cali Haze gets really big, but as all sativa buds they are not as dense as Indica dominant strains. Because of the big internodal space those buds will be a bit fluffy but the taste and smell will be unforgettable. The smell will start to show while the Super-Cali Haze auto is till into its early flower cycle and will keep getting stronger as it matures. When the harvest is done and all those nugs are dried properly you will get somewhat citrus and pine smell so a really sativa dominant sweet aroma! Smoke from plants that grow from these super autoflowering seeds is amazing and is a very cerebral and it is perfect for medicinal users as it does not produce that super stoned feeling (couch lock). You will definitely need something to do after smoking a joint of this as it will pump you up and give you that drive to do great things but also have fun! If you make hash or oil from this plant then you can get a full 4 to 6 hours of amazing energy and uplifting feelings and after that you won’t feel sleepy or down and the effect will wear off easy.


Haze AF

Super Cali Haze is a massive yielder with buds that are more sativa than indica and with great strength and a head high!

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  1. Hello.just wandering if I could grow the super Cali haze auto strain in the Northern Territory in Australia during the wet season.

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