Everyone’s heard about getting the munchies after smoking a lot of weed and it has been portrayed in popular culture as a substance that gets you hungry. Most people head to the fridge after having a session for a snack.

Smoking marijuana has a profound effect on our bodies and can make us more hungry. Since cannabis use can lead to increased hunger does that harm our bodies? Does eating after smoking marijuana ruin your high?

Well, the short answer to that is it depends. There are thousands of strains and countless varieties of food that a definitive answer just can’t be found right now. We know that certain chemical compounds interact with each other and different terpenes cancel out others.

While sluggishness is a common observation after gorging on a lot of food, it is not necessarily because it’s ruining your high. When you eat a lot of food, naturally you’re going to feel a little sluggish.

Are There Foods That Can Enhance Your High?

When it comes to foods that can enhance your high there is some viable science involved. As said above, certain chemical compounds called terpenes, react with the cannabinoids and terpenes inside cannabis. This can effectively change your high and possibly increase it.

Mango – Mangos have been known to prolong the buzz feeling you get when you’re high after smoking. Myrcene helps speed up the process and has been known to get you higher quickly.

Chocolate – Chocolate helps contribute to the feel-good chemical called anandamide that our bodies produce on their own. Using chocolate in edibles is known to create an intense euphoric high that is long-lasting.

TeaGreen tea and black teas have cannabinoids in them that bind to the same receptors that weed cannabinoids do. The CB-1 receptor is the one that CBD usually binds to and it’s related to promoting relaxation and healing.

As you can see marijuana is meant to work with our various systems and the fact that it can incorporate other ingestible items to enhance the effect is a testament to its healing powers.

Are Edibles A Good Way To Get Higher?

A lot of people have turned to edibles to avoid smoking and harming their lungs. The synergy between cannabis and food is so deep that cooking with weed can enhance just about any dish.

Incorporating cannabis with something like chocolate is popular and people have been making cannabis tea for centuries. Edibles take a little longer to get you high but it lasts a lot longer as the marijuana runs through your system.

Because it gets into your bloodstream there is more of a buzz in your body, which invokes that sense of couch lock. When you smoke marijuana you will experience more of a head high which is what makes you laugh and be silly.

Final Thoughts

Smoking cannabis before eating will not ruin your high. There is no definitive science saying otherwise. If you want to enhance your high, be sure to eat foods with similar terpenes and try out some edibles.

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