Does eating mangoes make you higher? It’s a question asked by a lot of folks.

Mango, as we know, is a fruit, and fruits should supplement your vitamins and minerals, give essential nutrients, and provide energy. Fruits should not get you high, marijuana should.

Mangoes contain sets of organic compounds called terpenes.

Terpenes, ordinarily, do not affect a person’s cerebral space, however, when they react, chemically, with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) compounds present in marijuana, they give the heavenly effect of highness.

So, does mango make you higher?

Yes, they do.

Marijuana has some essential components that will get you high. Each part affects your head and mind. These components include THC, CBD (Cannabidiol), and varying levels of Sativa and Indica.

The uniqueness of any strain of marijuana is dependent on the chemical reaction of all the components found in cannabis.

Now, mangoes’ terpenes react with THC in marijuana to give you a deeper and lengthier high. If you take mangoes before or after hitting weed, you will experience a lengthier high than you would ordinarily. However, taking mango before smoking or vaping a joint remains the most effective way to ensure a long-lasting and deeper high.

Effects of Consuming Mangoes with Marijuana

  • Mangoes are known to suppress some of marijuana’s side effects, like anxiety and depression.
  • A single mango has around 200 calories. A common side effect of marijuana is munched. When marijuana is smoked, vaped, or taken through other methods, the user tends to want to eat everything munches. Instead of eating unhealthy foods like chips, fried chicken, you can take mangoes. Mangoes will fill you up without the excess fats that come with those unhealthy foods.
  • Mangoes, when eaten before hitting marijuana, give what some people refer to as “the heavenly high.” The level of highness becomes more potent and lasts longer.
  • For users who have a slow metabolism, taking mangoes before hitting a joint will make the users’ body systems more receptive to the THC present in marijuana.
  • Those whose tolerance levels are high will experience stronger and longer marijuana high than those who do not.

Lastly, mangoes high calories place it as a replacement for those who have many munches when they consume marijuana. Marijuana consumption can easily lead to obesity, and obesity has its health consequences – negative consequences, obviously. Therefore, to remain trim, fit, and healthy, you should consider taking mangoes instead of fatty foods anytime you smoke.

Mango remains an important part of the human body. Its intricate nature of high calories and terpenes level has made it one of the best marijuana mixes

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