Making edibles and consuming them is magnitudes different from smoking weed.

When you smoke marijuana, the psychoactive effects can be felt within a few minutes after the first puff. Effects reach their maximum intensity within 30 minutes and then start to wear off. The sensation of being buzzed takes a few hours to subside. However, more potent strains will last longer in your system.

Meanwhile, edibles take 1 – 2 hours to kick in and stay in your system for 6 – 8 hours, according to studies conducted on the effects of edibles.

It is worth noting that smoking weed interacts with your respiratory system (airway, lungs, and air sacs), whereas consuming edibles interacts with the digestive system.

The point is that just because you do not feel sick when you smoke up does not meet that will not have a stomach ache or feel nauseous when you consume edibles.

Understanding why edibles give you a stomach ache

If you consume an edible on an empty stomach, then there is a high chance that you will have to battle a stomach ache or nausea in the following hours.

The reason for these physical symptoms is that digesting plant material increases the likelihood of stomach pains and gas because our enzyme systems are not built to effectively break it down.

You may experience acid reflux effects where the stomach rejects the content ingested and tries to send it back to the mouth through the throat. While most edibles are baked goods prepared using fatty substances such as butter, some people may have stomachs that are more sensitive and therefore unable to effectively metabolize cannabis.

However, it may just be the case that consuming edibles does not suit your body. Think of it as being lactose intolerant or having a low digestive tolerance for cannabis.

Clinical immunology studies report that it is possible to be allergic to cannabis which can cause physical symptoms of distress such as a stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, and indigestion.

You may not be able to find a special diagnosis for being allergic to weed but if you pay attention to your body’s response to edibles, you should be able to determine if they suit you or not.

If you are hydrated enough and have a couple of fatty snacks before you consume edibles and still end up with a stomach ache, you will know that is not a suitable experience for your body. Stick to smoking up!

Finally, another problem with edibles is that there is a high risk of overconsumption.

When you are smoking up, the psychoactive effects can be felt in a few minutes so you will intuitively know when to stop. However, with edibles, it takes so long for the buzz to be induced that you may end up helping yourself to one too many pot brownies.

Even if your body can tolerate ingested cannabis, too much of it is bound to have undesirable effects on anyone.

For a positive experience, gradually increase the amount of edibles you consume each time. Doing so will minimize the risk of feeling sick and help you enjoy a more potent high.

Good luck with your next edible experience! Just remember to hydrate, eat, and monitor your body’s physical symptoms.

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