Cleaning your grinder can be a therapeutic experience or a slog that you don’t look forward to.

Most people who enjoy cleaning their grinder are excited for the kief and plant matter that is left behind; whereas others have left their grinder for too long and it’ll be a caked-on mess that you have to scrape and scrub.

Innovative cannabis consumers are always looking for new ways to use cannabis matter that has been left over, and one of the most obscure ways is to use milk to clean your grinder.

But it begs to be asked, does cleaning your grinder with milk really work?

It turns out that yes, milk is used to clean grinders more often than you’d think. Submersion of your grinder in milk that is lightly boiling will loosen all the stuck plant matter which you can scrape out after.

Another benefit is the infusion you’ll be left with afterward for drinking.

While that may be good news to some cannabis cleaning enthusiasts, there are some considerations to keep in mind when attempting this.

How does milk clean your grinder?

While using milk to clean your grinder really isn’t anything fantastic, it’s no more than using scalding milk loosening up plant matter actually.

However, it’s the infusion that you’ll be left with that is why people enjoy using milk to clean their grinder.

Think about it, your grinder is steeping in heated milk, dissolving all of those trichomes and cannabinoids as it binds to the fat.

What ends up happening is the creation of a cannabis milk beverage that you can use afterward. It’s a win-win situation in most cases.

How to clean your grinder using milk

Cleaning your grinder with milk is a relatively simple process and you’ll have to leave the grinder in the liquid for a few hours.

Ensure that you’re using a grinder that isn’t painted or plastic as it will leech into the milk.

It’s safe to say that be wary anytime you soak your grinder in a liquid you want to drink after. Do this at your own discretion.

All you need is a double boiler with the top section filled with milk.

Submerge your grinder into the milk and heat up to a gentle boil.

Photo credit: kingkosnik on Reddit

Don’t let it get to a rapid boil as the water will evaporate and the fat solids in the milk will burn, potentially boiling over onto your stove.

Leave it at a gentle boil for an hour, or until the plant matter is easily scraped off. You can leave the milk to steep with the plant matter that comes off the grinder for a few more hours to deepen the infusion.

You may want to give your grinder a final rinse or wipe with isopropyl alcohol after the soak, just in case you have milk residue on your grinder.

That’s all there is to cleaning your grinder with milk.

It may not be a method for everyone but it’s definitely better than letting all of that kief and resin get wiped away.

Add the leftover milk to your coffee or favorite beverage to get a little bit of a buzz.

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