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shortstuff-seeds-auto-dr-feelgood-regular-m-2304Short stuff seed banks DrFeelgood is one of STICH’S creations and it is one of the best medical autoflowering strains. STITCH is one of the autoflower pioneers and this Indica cross is high in CBD and it stays short that makes it perfect for small room growers. This strain was created by Stitch for the short stuff seedbank where he with his buddies have been breeding autoflowers from the start of the century. This strain was created from Short Stuff Auto and Afghan Kush that makes it really good smoke and good for medical uses as pain relief and it also helps with nausea.

This is a perfect plant for medical patients to grow themselves as it stays small and won’t grow much bigger than 50 cm in height so it can be stealth and produce up to 40 and even 60 grams/plant. The reasonable THC level will bring up the munchies and you will feel the affect around 40 minutes and the smell is rich and deep . This autoflower strain can be effectively trained with LST and the 50 cm height will be acceptable for large and small scale growers.

dr feelgoodGrowing this Dr.Feelgood strain is really easy as it can be grown by beginners but those medical applications makes this strain appealing to advanced medical growers. This strain will need less nutrients than pure Sativas or Indicas and you can start off with 1/4 strength nutrients and then work your way up to 1/2 strength but if your Feelgood grows well you can also try full strength ones. As for the nutrient schedule you can almost skip those vegetative ones as this strain starts flowering really fast and if you wait for a week or two after applying vegetative nutrients then you can start off almost with the flowering ones as sometimes in those two weeks it can start showing the first pre-flowers. I would suggest to start with the vegetative nutrients at the second or third week and as soon as you see preflowers then change them to the flowering ones and then two weeks before harvest you need to flush it and feed only plain water for those remaining two weeks.

Taste and smell of this strain is amazing and you will get that sativa high that is uplifting and you can enjoy life and do your daily thing and this is a bit odd as this suppose to be an Indica dominant cross but it tastes and feel like a sativa. The smoke is mellow and the feeling lasts for quite a long time.



Dr Feelgood is a great strain that flowers fast and has some great medical benefits from higher CBD concentration.

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  1. Not hearing good things about Stitch’s seeds. a lot of his “autos” don’t……….

  2. mine is 6 weeks old. its 18 inches tall stocky and bushy. but it barely has any pistils or hairs. can anyone give me advice on this subject. according to the life line chart it should have two weeks to go till it ready to be harvested since its in the second week of flowering but its not growing any buds! any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • What light cycle you use? Maybe you have an unstable strain and you can increase the dark period to kickstart the flowering.

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