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easy bud 5Easy Bud as the name suggests is one of the easiest autoflower strains to grow and that makes it a very likely candidate for beginner growers as there are very few growing conditions where this plant will not create even a couple of grams of great buds. Easy bud is one of the best strains to grow if you are just starting out and you can get a decent yield and a great smoke from this indica and ruderalis cross.


Easy bud plant was created by breeding together an unknown ruderalis plant with an indica dominant strain that may or may not be “White Indica” strain. That means that this autoflowering plant has about 15% sativa, 55% indica and 30% ruderalis genetics and that accounts for the short to medium size and also for that autoflowering trait.

Easy bud was created by Royal Queen Seeds that is a seed company with more than 20 years of experience in cultivating and breeding cannabis plants. These growers and breeders have won many cannabis cups and their photo sensitive as well as autoflower strains in the recent years have become hugely popular.

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Royal Queen Seeds list their seed advantages over other similar seed banks for their germination strength, vacuum sealed packaging and hand picket and examined seeds.

Easy Bud growing

easy bud 3 picturesEasy bus is maybe the easiest plat to grow indoors as well as outdoors and you will need only about 8 to 9 weeks to get your desired harvest. Easy Bud auto strain usually does not get very tall and the medium height is somewhere around 50 cm but some plants have grown up to 70 cm in height in optimal conditions but others have stayed below 40 cm in not so great growing conditions. But the best part about this autoflower is that you can basically grow this plant without any previous knowledge about growing cannabis and even with sub-optimal growing conditions, nutrient deficiencies and overwatering you will still get your first home grown cannabis yield that you know is 100% organic without any added chemicals and pesticides. But that does not mean that this strain is made only for beginners as even some experienced growers will be able to testify that Easy Bud is a great plant to have in your grow room as it will flower fast, doesn’t require many nutrients and it can withstand heat and cold without any significant yield losses.

You can grow this plant under any light source you want starting from CFL and T5 light to Led and even HPS and MH bulbs. Of course if you are a beginner I would advise you to grow your plants under fluorescent light or under LED lights because these light sources don’t produce as much heat and you will have a much more easier grow operation. If you are growing in small spaces then that 50 cm height can become a problem and you can use some training methods to bend your plants in the right direction so they won’t grow into your light source or ventilation equipment. Of course you should not transplant or Top your Easy Bud autoflower if you want to maximize your yield but because this is a very strong strain it will deal with these stresses surprisingly well and so you can experiment with different kind of training and growing methods before you move to other, not so resilient, strains.

Yield and Harvest

easy bud3Easy Bud can be harvested in about 60 to 70 days from seed and that is a great timeframe that can allow you to grow up to 5 harvests a year indoors and 2 to 4 harvests outdoors in the summer months. Because this plant will stay small and only grows to a height or around 50 cm then the yield is a little smaller than some super autoflower strains. You can expect somewhere from 20 to 40 grams from a single plant in normals conditions or up to 100 grams in optimal conditions. But I have also seen people get around 10 grams of dried buds just from growing this Easy Bud on their windowsill without any additional lights or other equipment.

Smoke & Smell

The smoke and smell from this autoflower strain is your typical autoflower variety with a little bit of skunk and a good body high with some sativa head high mixed in there. Because this is mainly indica dominant strain you will get a somewhat couch lock feeling and it is best to smoke it in the evening. The effect is quite strong and the THC content in this plant is around 12%. The smoke itself has a skunky smell but it is not harsh and I would say it has a more fruity and sweet taste but it does not stay long in your mouth. While the plant is growing you will definitely feel a cannabis aroma around it but it will not be overpowering and if you are growing indoors a simple carbon filter will do the trick of getting rid of all those smells.

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Easy Bud

Easy Bud is one of the fastest growing plants that an be a great strain for beginners and intermediate growers.

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  1. produced 36grammes seed to harvest in 63days,3rd set of veg leaves failed to open so I was forced into topping it and getting a nice twin dwarf.

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