Cannabis harvest day is like Christmas for growers. All of your hard work has paid off, those long days of providing care for your plant in hope that she will grace you with a bountiful harvest.

For many, it’s a day to jump out of bed, have a morning puff, and greet your garden with promises of delicious terpenes and resin in the air.

For others, a slow start to the day means a later harvest with the chance of working into the night. The coolness of the nighttime provides a reprieve from the hot sun while taking down mountains of giant buds.

But what time of day is the best for harvesting your cannabis crop?

It turns out that first thing in the morning may be the best time to harvest your cannabis plants. Cannabis produces its resin at night during respiration with peak production right before the morning light comes up. The same concept also applies to terpene production.

It benefits us as humans as well since we can get the harvest done in the early light and still have the rest of the day to complete the harvest tasks.

Is there a bad time of day to harvest your cannabis plants?

Harvesting your bud in the afternoon can cause the potential for a few problems.

During the day your plant is in production mode and is working to absorb light instead of sharing moisture with the flowers. This could reduce the moisture content of your buds and adversely affect the terpene content within.

It’s also a time of high sun which has some effects on the human body as well as overheating and dehydration can happen from working outside for extended periods.

It still stands that harvesting your plants before the morning light is the best choice.

Can you harvest your plants at night?

You can pick your crop during the night and some people do that since other things take up their daily lives (work being an example). Most think that because the plant is coming down anyway, doing it during the nighttime won’t impact much.

An additional benefit to harvesting your crop during the day is the ability to leave the lower branches intact so that they can have a couple more days to mature and develop more trichomes.

This form of regeneration helps increase your yield by allowing the sun to hit those lower, underdeveloped branches.

At the end of the day harvest when you want

With these tips in mind, you can harvest your plants at any point in the day.

If you want optimal terpenes and moisture then harvesting in the morning is advantageous and probably the best choice.

To put it in more perspective for you, if you took care of your plant throughout the life cycle then your harvest should be good to do at any time of the day.

However, if it’s feasible then schedule your crew for an early morning operation, and don’t forget the coffee.

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