Autoflowering Fast Bud And Fast Bud #2


fast-bud-closeup_smallFast Bud Auto is one of the fastest autoflower cannabis plants in the world. It reaches its maturity in only 5 to 8 weeks and is a very potent strain.

This auto plant is known for its fast growth and side branching what is very good for inside grows, because it is easier to perform LST or any other training for maximum yield in the smallest room possible.Sweet seeds fast bus has been bred multiple generations to get its distinct genetics that allow it to nourish in almost any environment and still produce best yield in very very small amount of time.

The second generation of auto Fast Bud the Fast Bud #2 is a more stable and you can get even more yield in short amount of time. This second generation has been bred from the original Fast bud and is a good choice for growers who know what is a good bread strain with stable genetics.

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Both Fast bud and Fast bud 2 can be grown under any grow light like CFL, LED, HPS and MH but for the best production you should use a mix of Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium.

Taste & smell

Fast bud has a very distinct Diesel taste because it has a strong Diesel inheritance. You will smell this plant in any indoor grow room and outdoors it will overpower the sativa and some Indica strain aromas. It is a strong, potent smell that resembles hash , but it doesn’t have the regular fruity aroma. If you like a really strong ganja smell than this autoflower is for you!


The THC ratio is about 16 % that makes this plant a very decent smoke! You can make a potent hash and really get stoned from this fast bud. The effect is a full body stone with a little glimpse of head high at the start of the cycle. The effect is strong and at first some creative thoughts can be collected , but after 10 to 20 min the high gets more stoned and you want to relax and enjoy life! At the end of the cycle you will get sleepy so this is a better strain for evening smoke not the daytime toke!


As with any other autoflowering strain you get a small plant that won’t grow taller than 90 cm but usually stays smaller than 70 cm. In the right conditions you can get almost a meter of vertical growth but this autoflower is not made for the record yields, as it is a fast growing bud! Growers usually describe this strain as a good candidate for small spaces and it adapts well to LST but without training it grows good side branches and stretches upwards making a form similar to the lozenge shape.

Fast bud yield

The yield of this autoflowering plant is quite acceptable for an autoflower and you can expect anywhere from 2 to 70 grams depending on the growing conditions. IF you need very small plants you can grow fast bud in dixy(party) cups and get 2 to 5 dry grams of bud but if you have wider space you need to get 6 to 10 gallon pots and then you can expect 20 to 30 grams. If however you plant them in 15 gallon containers or outside in perfect conditions they can grow tall and produce an amazing 70 g per plant, but this is not usually achievable for new growers or growers who has space /light /nutrient of any other factor limitations. The vast majority of growers will get from 15 to 30 g from this small plant and it is quite OK knowing that you can get this amount in 50 days.


sweet seeds fast bud multiple budsThis autoflowering plant is all about speed and 50 days from seed to harvest is an amazing achievement! The 50 day harvest time is amazing but it can only be achieved in perfect conditions and usually the real harvest time is about 60 to 80 days that is still a pretty fast growth. The stability of this plant plays a big role in the seed to harvest time as the second generation of Fast bud is a very stable plant and you can expect very similar results every time! If you don’t stun the plant and take a good care about it you can expect fast results and 8 week harvests! 

Fast Bud seeds has close to 100% germination rates and feminized fast bud and fast bud #2 seeds  also have close to 100% female to male ratio. You can germinate these cannabis seeds  directly in soil or manually with paper towel or any other germination method and every seed will pop in a couple of days and soon you will have a new plant that will be ready to harvest in two months.

Fast Bud autoflower strain is perfect for beginners and also it can be grown by professionals and both those groups can get high yields and a perfect THC and CBD mix for a strong high from those 16% of THC. Beginner growers will enjoy growing this strain because it is very fault tolerant and small mistakes would not affect the end product and in just a couple of weeks you will have a truly Fast Bud!

If you think that this strain is for you, you can get the Feminised Seeds for Fast Bud #2 on Seedsman and grow it yourself!

Original Fast bud


  • Price is lower than the Second generation.


  • Can stay small as it is not yet fully stable and various plants can grow small and large and they are not uniform.

Fast bud #2


  • More stable with more resinous and denser buds and it grows even faster than the original Fast Bud.


  • The price is higher than the original strain.


Fast Fast!

Fast Bud is a great all around plant with great yield, potent buds as well as a very fast flowering time!

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