What are Sativa autoflowers?


Cannabis Sativa is a huge plants and it in the nature they are usually found in hot climates and perfect environment conditions without the altitude stresses or high winds. These advantages give sativas the ability to develop huge buds and their yields are usually bigger than indica plants. When these amazing plants are crossed with an autoflowering ruderalis variety they keep all their best qualities and transfer them to offsprings making them sativa cannabis plants that can autoflower. The first generations of sativa autos weren’t so good as the pure sativas, but they were good enough to get wide acceptance by new growers or growers who like sativas but don’t have as much space to grow them. Sativa autoflowers are like a smaller versions of the real thing and that gives them some advantages.

Sativa autoflower advantages over regular sativa plants:

  • They are more compact and will produce tighter colas,
  • They can be grown in smaller places,
  • You can anticipate their harvest day,
  • Autoflower sativas can be planted multiple times every summer,
  • They will produce buds faster,
  • They are more resistant to cold and pests ,
  • Will tolerate high temperatures and humidity more easily,
  • They are easy to grow for new growers.

If a regular seed grower would look at these advantages he would say that almost all of them are not real advantages but rather drawbacks, because they are growing huge plants in large growing spaces and they don’t need their harvest to be fast of continuous. But if this regular cannabis grower would look at the super autos he would be easily persuaded to consider growing these wonderful plants.

New breed of SUPER autoflower sativas.

For the past few years there have been a new trend emerging to the autoflower sativa growers and this is the new SUPER sativa autoflowers. These SUPER seeds make autoflower Sativa plants grow bigger and produce more yield. In some cases these SUPER autoflower seeds can produce almost as much as a regular sativa plant. This allows these sativa autoflowers to be harvested multiple times and ultimately yielding much more bud. Stealth growers would also like the SUPER autoflower sativa plants more because they can produce big yield and also get the ability to flower by age, that will allow growers to harvest crops at certain time periods. Basically SUPER autos are good for inside growers who havr more vertical space in their growing area and outside growers who need more buds from one plant than regular autos.

Autoflowering Sativa taste & flavor

huge sativa autoflower The first generation of autoflower Sativas were not that potent and they was a bit harsher to smoke than real sativas as their ruderalis genes were not completely turned off yet. But these first generation plants still produced big resin glands to combat wild animals and other threats. The taste for these early sativa autoflowers is also not as distinct as the real sativa plants but you can definitely feel the fresh and easy sativa like aroma. After numerous generations of breeding and experimenting the Super Sativa autoflowers now have almost the same smell and taste as the regular ones and you can truly produce a sativa plant taking the autoflower traits to your advantage.

The best Auto Flowering sativa plants are different for those who may look for small autoflowering plant to grow in closet or those who want a large crop that flowers after 3 or more months.
For the small time growers autoflowering-cananbis.com suggests these Sativa autoflowers:

And for the more demanding enthusiasts we recommend these Super Sativa autoflowers:

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  1. DharmaBum on

    R.E. ‘Sativa Autoflower Seeds’:
    “Basically SUPER autos are good for inside growers who have more vertical space in their growing area”
    How much vertical space is needed? How tall do they grow? How much do they stretch after they start flowering? What about SOG training them?
    “And for the more demanding enthusiasts we recommend these Super Sativa autoflowers:
    Super Stinky
    Super Cali haze”
    What do you mean by ‘more demanding enthusiasts’ ? Are they more difficult to grow? What are the specific growing problems encountered with these Super Autos, and with Super Autos in general?

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