Royal Dwarf Autoflower Review


royal dwarf small plantRoyal Dwarf is a small and bushy autoflowering plant that is created from Skunk crossbred with an unknown ruderalis strain and is similar to Easy Bud strain but with more skunk genetics. This small plant is very sturdy and can give growers anywhere from 20 to 40 grams per plant and can have the height from 20 to 50 cm. This is one of the smallest autoflowering strains and because of that many new growers can start with this strain and grow it in their small cabinet grow operations and still get some decent buds.


Royal Dwarf is created by Royal Queen Seeds that is a seed company based in Spain but coming originally from Netherlands. This seed company has more than 20 years experience in growing various cannabis strains and with many Hight Times Cannabis Cup winners and Highlife Cup finalists these breeders have shown that they can make some of the best strains on the planet.

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All Royal Queen Seeds are hand picked and tested to ensure the best germination rates for their customers and because their seeds are vacuum sealed and packed in high strength packages you should not have any problems getting them safely to your doorsteps.

Royal Dwarf Growing

royal dwarf LED GROWRoyal Dwarf is one of the easiest autoflower strains you can grow and because of that many first-time growers can just get some seeds, plant them in a regular soil and after those 60 to 80 days get some great buds. Royal Dwarf plants usually are very stable and their autoflower traits trigger flowering even under 24 hours of constant light but it would be best to keep them under 20/4 or 18/6 light schedule for optimum results. Because this strain has about 60% sativa characteristics there are some grow journals out there that have grown some unstable varieties that were more taller and not as dense as the usual bosay-like plants that these royal dwarfs are. But these are just some rare cases and for the most part this plant will stay small and will be very bushy with one dense central cola and some smaller side branches. Of course you could also use LST to create more main bud sites but that is each growers own choice and even without LST you will get some great bud from this tiny plant. Usually Royal Dwarf plants don’t have any problems with nutrients or a little heat stress and I have even seen some plants that were transplanted before the flowering phase with massive root damage and the plant still survived and created some decent flowers! All in all this strain is a great start for new growers and can also be a side grow for professionals that grow regular photo-period plants and can put some of these Royal Dwarf plants inside their vegging room to get some early but half way to the real harvest.

Royal Dwarf can be grown indoors and outdoors but you will definitely get better results in a controlled indoor environment and because this strain has such a short life cycle then there is no margin of error and even a couple of cloudy days can diminish the yield. That is why I recommend you to grow this plant mainly indoors but if you want to try growing it outdoors then be ready for small harvests and very small plants, that can be easily hidden from sight and can produce some stealthy buds.

Yield and Harvest

Royal Dwarf plant can be ready to harvest in 60 days from planting but that is only in ideal conditions and because new growers usually use CFL or T5 grow lights and don’t have CO2 enrichment as well as the best nutrients and the best soil then usually this plant will take 70 to 80 days before it will be ready to harvest. I have also seen some plants that reached the 100 day mark before they were ready to harvest but that was an exception and 90% of the time you will get a harvest before the 80 day mark.

You can harvest this autoflower strain when half of the trichomes have become cloudy and half is still clear and at that point you should have about 13% THC content. But if you let your plant mature even more then that THC will start to break down and you can get bigger CBD ratios and get some more medical value from your plants!

Smoke & smell

Royal Dwarf has a very unique smell that has the usual strong skunk mixed with something that resembles melon or some other tropical fruit flowers.

This small but pungent plant will give off quite a punch from the first days of flowering up till the harvest and you will definitely need some odor controls if you are growing this plant indoors. When this dwarf is harvested and you start the drying and curing process then that interesting tropical melon smell will become stronger and stronger and after a couple of weeks of drying and curing you will get a very good smelling plant!

As for the smoke and the high I must say that this is not the best autoflower that I have tasted and definitely not the strongest but for such a small plant it has a great head high that will not give you that couch-lock feeling and will allow you to think more clearly and solve some problems more effectively.

Depending on how much you smoke the effect will last anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours and it is usually a very mellow and great experience without any anxiety and discomfort because of that moderate THC content and higher than average CBD content that all autoflower strains are known for.

If you think that this strain is for you, you can get the Feminised Seeds for Royal Dwarf Auto on Seedsman and grow it yourself!

Here are three great Grow journals for Royal Dwarf:


Dwarf Buds

Royal Dwarf is one of the fastest autoflower strains that stays small but can still give you decent buds in any growing area.

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  1. Growing one indoors under cfl 150w actual consumption 4 inches high at 15 days and many pistils showing already.
    I am looking forward to harvest and seeing the actual yield from this baby. This one is in coco fibre. The next will go into dwc hydro to see what difference I get. That will leave one seed which just might be In coco again with electro stimulus of the root ball cos I hear that is good to promote higher yields.
    I like to experiment ????

  2. Now using 100w led along with 2 125w cfl. 1x 2700k and 1x 6000k. Plant remains short at about 11 inches plenty of buds and top cola is around 4 inches. Trichs are still clear though pistils are orange for the most part. She is about 7 weeks old. I will give her another week or so them harvest and see what the result is.

    I have 2 more seeds which I will grow using different methods to determine which is best from my perspective.

  3. Mine is 106 days old! It’s taller than the pictures and has not got any full buds on it’s only just starting to bud. What’s happening now much longer ?!!

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