Purple Kush Auto Review


purple kush HOMEPurple kush auto is one of the prettiest autoflowering strains that you can grow as this plant will give you very intense purple buds with orange hairs and together creating a beautiful contrast as well as great smell and taste. Purple Kush is one of those strains that any real autoflower grower should try to call himself an expert because this plant is beautiful, has great taste and great potency.


Purple Kush auto was created by Buddha seed company and it is a cross between the original Purple kush and an unknown ruderalis strain.

Because the original Purple Kush is a mix of both Purple Afgani and Hindu Kush then this autoflowering variety has a lot of indica dominant characteristics with bushy branches, dense buds and shorter than average height.

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Purple Kush was created to get best of both worlds combining that original purple kush witch is one of the best known photosensitive cannabis strains and a ruderalis plant witch has that autoflowering genetic makeup and can flower automatically with no need of light cycle changes to kickstart that flowering process.

Of course this auto purple kush is not as strong as the original but it still manages to create a great growing as well as great smoking experience.purple kush auto collage

Auto Purple Kush growing

purple kush autoflower smallGrowing purple kush autoflowering strain is very easy as it is a indica dominant ruderalis cross and that means that the end result is a very strong plant that can withstand large temperature, humidity and PH fluctuations and beginner mistakes will definitely not kill this plant. Because this is a indica dominant strain then the growing height of this plant is not that tall and you can expect a height of only 30 to 60 cm. This small height means that auto purple kush ir excellent for small scale grow operations and with some LST methods you can reduce the size even more and create a bushy horizontally placed plant that is only some 20 to 30 cm in size. Of course this size also means that you will not get that much yield out of your Purple Kush auto but the best part of this plant definitely is the taste and look but more on that later.

Because this strain has mainly Indica and Ruderalis genetics you need to supply only ¼ or ½ strength nutrients and only feed them once in a while because small plants like these usually have very small root mass and it is very easy to overfeed them and that can lead to a number of bad illnesses, deficiencies and overdoses. As for the watering you should also keep it in check and definitely don’t water them daily as auto flowers in general need less water than regular plants and because this can be considered a short strain then it will need even less water to survive and thrive. You can put this purple kush auto under any light source and you can even grow them outdoors as that short flowering period and short lifespan will guarantee that the plant will finish and produce buds in almost any growing conditions.

In general there is nothing special about the growing process for this Auto Purple Kush and it grows like the rest of autoflowers and the general advantage is that it stays short and that is why it can be grown in small spaces and stealth grow operations. So if you need to grow your crops stealthy indoors or outdoors this plant will be perfect for you!

Yield and Harvest

Usually Auto Purple Kush will be ready to harvest in about 65 to 75 days and in general the growing period will not extend longer than 70 days from the day you planted the seed. And because of that you will be able to get you tasty buds in just over two months and that means multiple harvests per season outdoors as well as very fast turnaround indoors. But because of that short lifespan you should not expect more than 50 grams per plant and usually will get around 20 to 30 grams per plant. Of course with optimum growing conditions you can increase this number but because autoflowers are used mostly by newcomers then the average yield is not thad big. But 20 to 30 grams dried bud mass is still enough to enjoy many evenings with your friends or self-medicate if you have any pain or trouble sleeping. The harvest process is straight forward but because of the small size and dense buds you will have a little more trouble removing the smaller leafs from your buds before hanging them to dry.

Smoke & Smell

Purple Kush definitely excels in the smoke and smell department as those purple hued buds are really great looking and has amazing bag appeal. You will get a somewhat citrus and grape smell with a hint of honey when opening a jar full of cured buds. The smell is not an overpowering but you will definitely feel it in your house if you don’t use a filtering system when growing your plants. The high is a indica dominant strong hitting full body high and it is really great for pain relief and insomnia as after a few tokes you will be almost couch locked and will fall asleep easily. But the funny part is that in the first minutes of smoking you will feel energized and active and I guess that is a sativa characteristic that has stayed from multiple crossbreeds of the original strain. Overall I really like the smell and the look of those buds but the smoke is a bit harsh because of those Indica dominant traits.

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A Looker

Purple kush has one of the best bud appeals on an autoflower plant and it is also a very fast performing plant!

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  1. Wayne Woolley on

    I am very interested in getting some of these Purple Kush seeds if some could tell me how to get them that would be awesome

      • My first grow out.my plants look nothing like the photos, lol. One has started making buds on a tall spindle with almost no leaves and the other has loads of leaves and few buds. They look like different varieties but they came out of the same seed bag. They have been flowering for a week

  2. dont watse your time and money absolutley shit myt aswell go buy a 5 bag off the local big boy

  3. shit myt aswell sounds like incomprehensible gibberish from somebody who has smoked to many joints

  4. Cali grower x3 on

    I really enjoyed watching the buds become amazing… good bag appeal… didn’t smell anything until hanging for a couple days but now it’s really dank…only thing I didn’t like was it didn’t turn purple ???? It would have really helped the bag appeal…

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