Miracle-Gro has been used for decades to grow flowers and vegetables. Even cannabis growers jumped on the train up until they discovered other ways of growing weed that were a little healthier for the environment.

Miracle-Gro has a lot going on inside its chemistry and a lot of it is synthetic and even petroleum-based. This makes it not ideal for use in the environment or anywhere near water sources.

When growing cannabis you should look the other way and find some dedicated cannabis fertilizers, as opposed to using Miracle-Gro. Growing cannabis requires different nutrient levels at different stages of life. The slow-release formula in Miracle-Gro will provide a general amount of nutrition which could cause deficiencies.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t be using Miracle-Gro, both at a product level and ethically. Let’s take a closer look into why Miracle-Gro should not be used to grow cannabis.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Miracle-Gro On Your Cannabis

Cannabis can be a finicky plant to grow. Finicky as in it has different nutrient requirements from seed to harvest. This is the first reason why you won’t want to use Miracle-Gro. It simply doesn’t adapt to the needs of the plant.

Firstly, it contains slow-release nitrogen, which is great during the vegetative state, but terrible in the seedling and flowering stage. Excess nitrogen in the seedling stage will cause a nutrient burn or the seedling to die out.

Too much nitrogen in the flowering stage will confuse the plant because at this stage it doesn’t need to grow leaves, but buds instead. This can cause some adverse changes in your final crop and ultimately, your harvest.

Secondly, Miracle-Gro is notorious for growing harsh buds which translates over into a harsh smoke. This is more than likely due to the intense nutrient regimen that the fertilizer is providing right up until the day you harvest.

Your plant is unable to be flushed properly because of this so they can’t use up all the excess nutrients in the soil.

The last reason you should not be using Miracle-Gro is that it is cheap. It is an expensive product made with cheap synthetic chemicals which will move over to give you cheap buds.

Miracle-Gro is a weed-killing company that is owned by Monsanto. It is known for bad environmental practices. Besides, Miracle-Gro has been known to make animals sick if they ingest it.

Buy A Different Brand, Your Weed Will Thank You

You can get away from Miracle-Gro by choosing any other alternative that lets you add your own fertilizers. ProMix has always been a popular choice amongst growers as it can add things like mycorrhizae which is great for roots.

Even generic potting soil with your own organic composts or compost tea will give you superior results.

In the game of cannabis, there are some things that you can cheap out on and others that shouldn’t be messed with. In the case of fertilizers, you want to ensure that you’re feeding your plant with the right nutrients and not synthetic weed killers.

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