Maxi GOM Auto Review


maxigomMaxi GOM auto is one of the oldest so called SUPER autoflower strains and this high yielding plant can give up to 120 grams of dried buds per plant. Maxi GOM is one of those plants that has an all around characteristics but does not excel in just any one of them as it has a good yield, good taste and good smell and can give you buds that will be your main stash for smoking or making edibles. Of course you can also make a great hasish from this plant and because of that decent yield you will be pleasantly surprised that this strain is an autoflower not a regular photosensitive plant.


Maxi GOM strain was created by the GrassOmatic seed company when they combined the original Auto AK strain with Auto Mass creating a perfect combination of indica and sativa but because both parents were autoflowers this new strain has very stable genetics and great autoflowering traits.

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Grass O Matic seed company created this autoflower way back in the start of this decade and over the years they have perfected it to be as stable as it can be and today growing a Maxi GOM seed you will get a very uniform growth every time.

Because this strain was created at the start of the Super autoflower era it is not the best yielder but it is very stable and stable genetics means very predictable growth every time you plant a seed in the growing medium.

Maxi GOM growing

maxigom close up

Maxi GOM autoflower is a very easy to grow plant that likes a lot of nutrients and can give you a very decent yield indoors as well as outdoors. Grass O Matic has created a plant that will be a great start for any first time grower but can also be grown by professionals as a cash crop that produces great yields and great buds. Maxi GOM is considered a Super Autoflower and it has some Sativa dominant characteristics that will manifest in taller height and more sativa like leafs but because there are also a lot of indica and ruderalis genetics in the mix those leafs will be shorter, wider and the plant itself will create very dense buds. Also because of this genetic mix you can expect to see a 80 to 150 cm growth and that means you will have to use LST or HST in some smaller grow spaces as well as hide your plant in the surrounding vegetation when growing outside. Of course 150 Cm max height is not the tallest plant but for autoflowers that usually get only 40 to 60 cm in height this is an unusually tall size so be careful and do your research before buying and planting your seeds. If you are a first time grower you’r mistakes with over watering or nutrient overdose will not harm this Maxi GOM that much and you will probably be able to get some decent yield even with CFL lights and a very do-it-yourself set up.

Maxi GOM auto will give you a decent yield and most of that bud mass will be concentrated in the top cola that can become very heavy so watch out for that and if needed create a support mechanism that will take that weight load off from the plant or els one day your autoflower can just snap under that intense weight. And also look out for excess humidity during the last few weeks of the flowering phase as those dense buds are like magnets to some molds and fungus. But because Maxi GOM auto is a fast flowering strain the likelihood of this happening is much lower than with regular photo sensitive plants.

maxigom plantYield and Harvesting

You can expect to harvest your Maxi GOM plants starting at around day 75 but usually they take around 80 to 85 days to fully mature and that is remarkable timeframe considering that you can get up to 120 grams from a single plant. Of course that 120 gram figure is attainable only under ideal conditions and usually you will get somewhere from 40 to 60 grams per plant. The harvesting process itself should be a very straight forward and you can even do a sequential harvest by first removing the main bud and allowing all those other smaller nugs to develop more crystals.

Smoke & Smell

As I mentioned earlier Maxi GOM is not a very remarkable plant and that is why the smoke and smell of these plants also are not that impressive. Maxi GOM plants will taste like a fruity mix of pineapple and melon but that taste will not be that distinct. But if you properly dry and cure those buds then the taste will be smooth and you will have a more enjoyable smoke. The effect usually is long lasting with that 50:50 mix of sativa mind high as well as that body high but you don’t get that overwhelming couch lock feeling that you can get from some indica only autoflowers. Overall I would give this plant some 5 stars out of 10 in the smoke and fragrance department!

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High Yielder

One of the first SUPER autoflower strains with great potency, yield and optimal harvest time. This strain will not let you down!

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