While soil is not necessarily needed to grow cannabis it is the traditional method by which it has been cultivated for many years.

It is responsible for many facets of growing autoflower strains and has been studied in every way, right down to the microscopic level.

Organic living soil in particular has a steady grower following as it’s enriched with a diverse microbiome to optimize growing.

Your soil can only be as good as what you add to it and autoflower strains can thrive in living soil because you have more control over the amount of nutrition in it.

Autoflowers are part of the ruderalis family of cannabis and have lower requirements for nutrients as opposed to cannabis plants that have a photoperiod. Store-bought soil and fertilizers could be too strong and end up giving your plant tip burn.

What is living soil anyways?

The easiest way to describe living soil is to imagine it as fertile soil you would find in a forest with a decomposing floor.

With the rise of agriculture, we have stripped the soil of all its vital nutrients, and have had to rely on synthetic nutrients to supplement our growing practices. This ideology is a regression as growers look towards natural cycles to enhance their autoflowers.

The idea is to introduce various bacterias, fungi, and insects that naturally break down matter and convert it to valuable nutrients for your autoflower plant. These organisms often form symbiotic relationships with the plant’s roots and offer benefits such as increased nutrient uptake.

How to make living soil for your autoflowering cannabis

The first step to making living soil is to research the soil itself. Most stores will have ingredients and nutrient breakdowns to give you an idea of what’s included.

This is important because it identifies what needs to be added to the soil to balance out the nutrition. This also extends to understanding the PH of your soil. Nothing will thrive in acidic soil that will benefit cannabis.

Next, you want to look at what you need to add for amendments in the soil. These are additions that provide nutrients and other benefits that make it easier for cannabis to grow.

Popular amendments to add to your soil include:

That list is for the basic N-P-K and there are other additives that take care of the micronutrients that the plant requires.

Ensure to mix your soil thoroughly and your plant should be able to sustain itself through the soil.

Living soil is an excellent medium for your autoflowers

With the added control of your plant’s nutrition through a natural, living cycle, you really can’t go wrong with living soil for your autoflower plants.

Through symbiotic relationships with bacteria, fungi, and plants you can optimize your plant’s health and have a larger yield with your cannabis plant.

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