Super Stinky Autoflowering Review


Short Stuff Seeds Super Stinky Autoflowering-700x700Super Stinky is one of STITCH’S creations and it is a SUPER sativa autoflower, STITCH is a breeder that has grown autoflower strain for more than 10 years and is one of the pioneers in this field. He has worked with many different seed companies and this particular strain it developed in partnership with short stuff seeds. While developing the Cali Haze strain Stitch crossed some haze plants with skunk strains that had a really stinky odor and after numerous breeding cycles here is the outcome – Super Stinky autoflower!

This Super Stinky is the real Sativa autoflower and if you want to grow sativa plants but your climate / growing room is not suited for the real thing then this amazing autoflower will be perfect for you. Outside growers can plant this later in the summer or get multiple harvest a year and inside growers will love the big resinous buds that stink like skunk and maybe a little cheese.

Because of the Haze and Sativa heritage this plant can grow more than a meter tall and twice that in width in almost any growing conditions but the best part is that it grows for more than 120 days and in some cases even 150 days from seed to harvest and at those time intervals you can really get some decent yields more than 100 grams a plant.

If you grow this strain in perfect conditions outside or inside it can get up to 250 cm in height and can give you astonishing 280 g/plant yield but that only happens if you have truly perfect conditions and as I mentioned earlier an average yield is about 100 to 150 grams and basically never gets below 100 grams from one plant. This  amazing Super autoflower strain is one of the largest autoflowering plants whose seeds you can buy so be careful and don’t plant these super seeds in small pots or small growing environments as they will hugely limit this strains capabilities and you will have  a hard time growing it in small closet grow operations.


For the growing this strain is easy to maintain and won’t require some really strict nutrient schedules but it is a bit harder to grow than those harsh indica dominant strains that can grow almost anywhere so this strain is not suited to be grown as a first time ever grow but in the second or third time you can easily maintain the conditions and needs for it. Super Stinky starts flowering somewhere between 21 and 35 days and will flower for more than 70 or 90 days getting really huge and dense buds that will most likely need support as they pack so much resin that those stems can’t hold that weight UP!

The smell and taste of this strain has the typical sativa characteristics and you get that skunk and cheese smell while growing but smoking it you get that sativa uplifting high with some narcotic effect from those skunk genetics. Overall this Super Stinky is a very nice strain if you like sativas but want a faster flowering and smaller phenotype that can grow under any light cycle.



One of the first SUPER autoflower strains this potent autoflower will give you an amazing sativa high and huge yields!

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