Snow Ryder Autoflowering Review


snow ryder auto

Snow Ryder autoflowering is an Indica dominant autoflower with good body stone and cool mind high. This automatic strain is a good choice for inside and outside growers and it usually gets to about 1 to 1.2 meters tall that proves it is from the new generation of auto -plants and not those dwarf ones.

You can get a decent yield of about 150 g from one plant and the flowering period is around 50 days. You have to keep in mind that these rating are done on perfect conditions and almost no one can match them and a typical snowryder autoflower grow is from 30 to 60 grams from one plant that can reach to about 50 to 70 cm.

If you use CFL light you will get around 20 grams from one plant but if you have a LED or HID grow light then you can reach around 60 grams and only if you get everything right then you can get those 100 and more grams from one plant.

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Overall you can get different result but the best part is that you can grow this strain easily with no haste and still get some buds but also you can give it a good nutrient dosage and maximize the yield so it is truly made for anyone!

Snow Ryder will produce frosty resin and the inter nodal space between branches will be small that will result in a dense buds and big yield.

This strains can be grown by new growers and also advanced growers as it is easy to grow but is a potential show room plant that any grower would like to have grown at some time of their growing career.

The buds themselves will smell like hash with almost no fruity aromas and the smoke is similar to the smell and is a mainly head high but I must say that it can knock you down and you can get a good couch lock!

After smoking you will get happy feelings and all your worry’s and stress will be gone so this strain is good for medical patients who have anxiety and stress related issues.

Total growing experience is really easy and you will be surprised how much you can get from a ruderalis cross-bread plant and of course it is not as good as the pure-regular cannabis strains neither in taste or production but it is a very easy to grow strain that almost any newcomer can manage.

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Indica AF

Snow Ryder is a decent autoflower strain to have as it can produce big buds and as the name states those buds will be frosty as snow!

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