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Lowryder #2 from Joint Doctor is the successor of the original lowryder seeds that we all know and love as being one of those first autoflowers that appeared on the market.

Lowryder #2 has the genetics of Santa Maria x Lowryder that makes it a lot more potent than the original lowryder.

This super fast autoflowering cannabis plant is a good example of multiple generations of selective breeding that was done to deliberately make this hybrid well producing , strong and with a good aroma and taste but not losing the low profile and size of the original lowryder.

If you liked the original lowryder then you will love this plant as it is easy to grow and will produce decent bud that won’t disappoint you!

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This Lowryder #2 strain is bread and created by no other than the Joint Doctor. If you know the original Lowryder autoflower strain then you know the breeder as that lowryder is the pioneer in the autoflower industry and the strain that started it all. Because that was such a long time ago there are now many different varieties out there and Joint Doctor needed to improve his original creation and with rigorous tweaking and experimenting he came up with the second version.

Growing Lowryder #2

Lowryder Number two is a very easy plant to grow and it really can be grown by almost anyone but experienced growers will get the best out of them and because this is a really stable strain you can give it high nutrient doses comparing to other autoflower plants. I have found out that this lowryder #2 can coup with almost the same feeding schedule and strength than regular Indica or Sativa plants. I would suggest to go with vegetative nutes from the week two when starting from seed and as soon as the first flowers appear you need to change to flowering nutes but to ease the transition give 1/2 strength vegetative and 1/2 strength flowering nutrients for a couple of days when you make the change.

The seedling and germination phases are just like any other autoflower strain and after that you can approach this strain a bit more harshly and test stronger nutrient concentrations to maximize yield and this strain also can coup with a bit wider range of PH and temperature fluctuations and higher or lower extremes will not affect this lowryder that much. You need to supply 18/6 light cycle as the breeders suggest you to do but I have seen them do very well on 20/4 and even 24/0 light cycles so that is all up to you and just don’t go below that 18/6 as then the yield will be diminished.

Yield, Harvest, Smoke


You can harvest this strain right when the trichomes are starting to get milky or you can wait for almost all of them to get that way and the effect of both those states will be quite different. At the first one when there will be just some milky trichomes you will get a nice head buzz and a good daytime smoke but at the second stage when all the trichomes are milky or amber you get that high CBD concentration that will knock you out and is a good bedtime strain for pain relief and also good for other medical purposes as it is high in CBD.  When you harvest you can expect at least 10 but in most cases 20 grams from each plant and if you do really well you can get even 30 and 40 grams but then you need to max out all your growing conditions and perform exceptionally well in all of them.

This Lowryder #2 has very pungent skunky and hash like smell that will overpower almost any other strain and you will definitely need some sort of smell neutralizer or filter if you don’t like to smell it all the time. Some growers say that they done like the aroma of this strain and it smells like someone has thrown up on a skunk plant but I find it quite OK and it is not that bad.

The smoke is a really strong one from an autoflower strain and you will get that energy kick at first and then the couch lock but all in all a good smoke before bed and it also has a very hood aftertaste and the smoke is not that harsh to your throat but it tastes like some skunk strain and a little bit of some fruit. You don’t get any paranoia and the high will last for at least two hours and it is also a good medical strain it will relieve back and other pain symptoms.

If you think that this strain is for you, you can get the seeds for Lowryder #2 Auto on Seedsman from The Joint Doctor and grow it yourself!



Lowryder is the original autoflower plant and it is still a great strain that has become very stable over the years.

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  1. puppekopp fuddelegga on

    With 24 hours of fluorescent lights (72 watts), a PH of 6.2 and bloom nutrients every other day i archieved 2 plants, one was male and the other one female. Even though the weed was full of seeds, after removing all the seeds i had 50 grams of high class weed.

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