Dinafem Seeds’ Roadrunner Auto Review


dinafem-roadrunnerDinafem’s Roadrunner autoflowering seeds are the autoflowering version of the original Dinafem #1 seeds from Dinafem seed breeders.

This particular strain is bread in multiple generations to get the most stable variety and the best traits possible.

This Rod Roadrunner plant was created so that growers could grow their bud fast and discreet and with a 60 to 70 day turnaround any grow operation could operate quickly and harmlessly.

Because this plant stays small many closet growers and small time users can get their medicine without needing a lot of grow space and equipment.

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RoadRunner is really easy to grow and you can just place the seeds in nutrient rich soil, water it without any nutrients and after two months you will have a couple of grams of bud but of course you would want to maximize the yield. And if that is the case then you should need to use added nutrients and bigger grow light but because this strain is so strong you can experiment with different growing conditions and get a good result from almost any failure.

dinafem roadrunner bud shot

Autoflowers are adapted to grow in wild and harsh conditions and you you will need to try really hard to kill this plant and even in the hottest of grow-rooms with 12 hours of light a day it will still produce! But if you intentions are to get fast bud with decent yield then you will give good growing conditions and can expect from 20 to 50 grams from one plant and that is not a small amount considering that low profile of this strain.

The height of this small automatic is from 20 to 100 cm but most often it will grow around the 20-40 centimeter zone and at that scale it will fit in almost any growing environment but still be able to produce large yields if measured in cubic meters of growth.

After those 60 and so days you will need to harvest this and I encourage to do so only after at least half of the trichomes turn amber so you get the best concentration of THC and CBD. As you harvest your weed you will get some amazing smell of hash and skunk but with some fruity added flavor.

The smoke will be similar to that you will get at the two last weeks of flowering as your grow room will be filled with that aroma.

As you harvest and cure your crop you will be able to get more and more distinct fruity smell with some rich smells but not too overpowering. When those buds will be completely dried and cured and you light up the first smoke this strain will give you a distinct aroma but it will be strong and the strong cannabis smell will be in the air for some time after that initial hit.

As you inhale this RoadRunner you get a bit of fruity taste but not that much. The effect is a strong hitting start with uplifting middle and sleepy aftermath. As you get the effect going you will forget about your worries and all pain will be relieved and you will be able to enjoy life. As the effect wears off you will get sleepy and get a good nights sleep.

If you think that this strain is for you, you can get the Feminised Seeds for Roadrunner Auto on Seedsman and grow it yourself!

All in all this is an ideal strain to new growers with limited space and medium sized growers to get maximum yield from a short vertical space. This plant grows fast, the effect is great and the bud appeal is also amazing with green and brown mix but completely without any purple or red. Those trichomes will be clearly visible but not completely overpowering and you will just love it!



Roadrunner is a very tiny plant that will be ready to harvest in less than 65 days from seed!

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