Betty Boo Review: Smallest & Fastest Autoflower Strain


lowryder betty boo feminizedBetty Boo from The Joint Doctor is one of the smallest autoflowering plants on the market. This dwarf plant has the genetics of Mazar x Lowryder x Lowryder #2 what makes it taste good and also encourages strong bug resistance and reasonable yield for such a small plant.

This plant is created by Joint Doctor and it is a real bonsai autoflower for small grow operations and stealth growth. But because of the Ryder genetics this cross will also be strong and high in THC and that makes it perfect for first time small-scale growers.

This strain is well suited for first time growers as it is ready in 60 days from seed and can produce up to 20 g/plant and if you can grow it in less than 30 cm in height then you can really grow it anywhere. And if it get a little bigger use some LST to further minimize the horizontal space needed and maximize that vertical space.

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As for the nutrients and watering these are just like any other autoflower plants and they need 1/2 or 1/4 of the nutrient solution and water when the soil or soil-less mix gets dry. All in all this is a really great strain to grow in small spaces and many growers recommend this as the smallest and fastest strain to grow in small cabinet grows and PC grow boxes.

The growing itself is easy and nothing too different comes in mind about that growing process just that it takes so little time that you can’t believe the time is come to chop her down already!

betty boo

The smell and taste of this Betty Boo strain is sweet and fruity and with 16 % THC content it is quite potent as well.

The typical yield from this small plant is around 15 grams and Joint Doctor says that it can do up to 20 grams but then you would need perfect conditions. However I have seen growers getting almost 50 grams from one plant but then it did not look like a dwarf anymore and they grew with a HPS light.  I think that depends on the genetics and if you get a truly dwarf patch of seeds then you will get those small plants but if you get a bit more different genetic mix then your plants won’t be ready in those 60 days and can take up to 70 or even 80 days from seed to harvest. So be prepared to expand your grow area your plant grows too big or plant in smaller pots from the start, but you can also stress those your autoflower in any other way to slow down the growth.

As for the high it hits you really hard and that high THC content will knock you out after a couple of puffs. The taste is not that distinct but you really feel that earthy hash like smell and taste on the tongue after the exhale. Because of that Ryder-Indica genetics there is not that much head high rather that body relaxation and if you take too much then you can also get some bad experience with paranoia but that happens only to people who haven’t built up a good tolerance yet. In the middle of that smoking cycle you will feel energetic and joyful, but at the end as that effect starts to wear off you will still be happy but a bit more relaxed.

If you think that this strain is for you, you can get the Feminised Seeds for Betty Boo Auto on Seedsman and grow it yourself!

In the end this Betty Boo Auto is the best strain to get if you have limited space but want strong high hitting buds with good and dense buds that are really sticky and resin packed!


Smallest AF

Betty Boo is an autoflowering strain that can be ready in less than 60 days from seed! This is maybe the fastest cannabis plant out there!

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