The second you cut your cannabis plant, the drying process has already begun.

Method aside, it is essential that cannabis cultivators be incredibly patient with their marijuana flowers when drying them. Adequately drying and curing weed is vital so that your buds can retain their flavor and potency for longer.

While there are many drying methods available, the two most common ones are hang-drying and using a drying rack.

Keep reading to find out whether hang-drying cannabis or using a drying rack is more preferable.

Why is it important to dry and cure cannabis?

Congratulate yourself with a pat on the back for successfully growing your cannabis plant. However, your job is not done yet as you still need to dry and cure your cannabis buds.

You cannot enjoy freshly harvested cannabis buds without drying them first. It is essential to dry and cure your cannabis buds to preserve the quality of the final product.

If dried correctly, your buds will last longer on shelves, be more potent when smoked, and deliver a smooth release of psychoactive substances upon consumption.

Dying cannabis involves focusing on:

  • The drying method used.
  • Temperature.
  • Moisture levels.

Hang-drying cannabis

If you are a cannabis cultivator with a limited budget, then hang-drying is a cost-effective solution for your marijuana flowers.

Hang-drying exposes your cannabis to the open air as your buds are hung upside down from a relatively elevated position and dried.

You will have to regularly monitor the temperature and airflow of the room where your cannabis buds are being hang-dried for maximum results.

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Choose a dark and dry place to hang your cannabis buds and branches such as the laundry room. Ensure that your marijuana flowers are adequately spaced for the airflow to carry away moisture particles effectively without attracting mold.

Is hang-drying your cannabis more preferable?

It has been observed that when marijuana flowers are hang-dried, they are more likely to preserve their aroma for longer.

However, if you believe that the scent of weed may be overwhelming for people living close to you, then you may want to consider alternative means of drying your cannabis.

If you are looking for quick results, then you will appreciate hang-drying as it lets you be able to hang full hemp branches with several buds. You do not have to go through the trouble of laying out your buds individually as you would if you were using a tray stacked on a shelf.

Hang-drying cannabis requires plenty of space as you will need a dedicated room where your cannabis branches and buds will be dried around the clock. Please note that you will not be able to use that room for any other purpose.

Additionally, you will not be able to stack too many cannabis as they are hang-dried together. It is recommended that you do not hang too many branches and stems together as that will increase the moisture levels of the room and discourage adequate drying from taking place.

Fortunately, hang-drying is a process that does not require much intervention or supervision to run smoothly.

Note: Hang-drying typically takes anywhere from 7 – 10 days.

Using a drying rack

Drying and curing is a critical process in growing cannabis as it can affect the flavor and potency of the psychoactive substances of your cannabis buds.

If you are preparing cannabis for commercial purposes, then you will need to use a drying rack. A drying rack helps you keep your pot yield organized as it dries. Plus, there is a much lower risk of contamination or mold when you are using a drying rack.

After seven days of drying, check if a cannabis plant branch snaps when it is twisted. If the snapping sound is crispy and sharp, you will know that your weed has been dried properly.

Is using a drying rack more preferable?

If you are not careful of the scope of your project, using a drying rack can quickly turn into a construction project.

Drying racks come in various shapes and sizes, and you will need to pick racks that minimize the building work and manual labor involved in the drying process.

A drying rack is also a professional piece of equipment, so it is one of the pricier options when it comes to drying weed. However, if you own a cannabis dispensary or run your business, then buying a drying rack will let you deliver optimal quality marijuana buds to your customers. Just make sure you have enough space for the racks!

It is recommended that you use a flat cannabis drying rack if you are short on space. Most flat cannabis drying racks are not taller than 8 feet, but they come in smaller sizes too!

If you cut your marijuana flowers into smaller pieces, then it will be easier for weed to dry quicker using a rack.

By exposing a larger surface area of the buds, airflow can take away moisture in far less time with better efficiency. You will not have to worry about deeper layers being wet as the external parts of your buds get dry and crispy. Once your weed buds have dried, you may take them off the stems


If you are growing cannabis indoors, then a drying rack is considered to be a useful tool in the process. However, if you struggle with space to house 8 feet tall drying racks or have budget constraints, then you will want to go with hang-drying your marijuana flowers.

Just know that-drying is only suitable for a small amount of weed. It is not practical for a large number of products.

It is recommended that you assess the scope of your weed cultivation process and the volume of your average yield before deciding on a drying process!

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