Watering cannabis plants is one of the most time-consuming parts of growing them, especially if you are doing it by hand.

As your cannabis plants grow and move through the vegetative cycle to flower, you’ll end up watering them multiple times a day. If you go too long without water then obviously you’re going to have some difficulty keeping them alive.

Most growers get in a rhythm when watering their plants and have a set schedule where they will go and check out the plants while giving them their daily watering. But what happens when you have to go on vacation? How do you keep your cannabis plants alive when you’re not near them?

This short guide will give you some tips and tricks to ensure that you keep your cannabis plants happy and healthy while you spend some time away.

Keeping Your Cannabis Alive While On Vacation

Have no fear! There are ways to keep your plants watered and healthy while you enjoy some time away from them. Cannabis is such a resilient plant that if you have the proper systems in place, it can effectively take care of itself.

The most obvious way would be to get a trusted friend or family member to get familiar with your feeding schedule and basically come and take care of the plant while you’re gone.

This has several benefits including a physical person that can also check in on the health of your plants and either alert you to any issues or quietly resolve it themselves.

Understandably, this requires someone trustworthy and since a lot of cannabis grows are kept under wraps, might not be a viable option for everyone.

When In Doubt, Automation Is Your Best Friend

This is the most common solution you see growers come up with when going on vacation, or even just to have as part of their grow system.

Depending on the size of your crop you can effectively have a reservoir of water (with mixed nutrients in it) that has a submersible pump in it. This pump can be connected to a timer that can come on when you usually water your plants.

Considering most growers have their lights on specific timers for their plants, adding a water pump into the mix shouldn’t be a big step. You can attach a drip system to your water pump which will transport the water to the plant when needed.

If you’re worried about your plants while you are away you can easily buy a camera that connects to your WIFI network. This gives you remote viewing access to your cannabis garden so that you can make sure the plants are okay. Such protection allows you to sound the horn to a trusted individual that something isn’t right and they should go check on it.

You can also set this kind of system growing cannabis outdoors if you are worried that your plants won’t get enough water outside while you’re gone. If you’re only leaving for a short period of time you can check the weather to see if there is any rain happening while you’re away.

Taking care of your cannabis plants while you go on vacation shouldn’t be a stressful thing. As long as you have proper planning and a backup available, your plants will thrive when you’re not there.

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