Autoblueberry Review


Autoblueberry is the best autoflowering strain on the market, because it has the award winning genetics of a true blueberry strain mixed with ruderalis.

This autoflower strain is a so called superauto because it competes with regular strains in strength and taste but remains small and flowers under any light conditions.

Blueberry seeds can germinate in almost any conditions and these feminized ones are perfect for indoor growers.

AutoBlueberry is a real beauty and because of the F5 (fifth generation) offspring it is 100% autoflowering but it still posses the amazing blueberry characteristics.

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The THC content of this auto strain is 8 to 15 % and the yield is about 450 to 400 g/m2 witch makes it a true autoflower strain, but the taste is exceptional and this gives these feminized autoflowering seeds our top ranking spot.

This autoflowering cross is perfect for small time growers or outside growers as you can get multiple crops every summer outside and a continuous harvest of excellent buds every two months! This strain is just like the real blueberry and that means it has the distinct blueberry smell that starts to appear in the late flowering and can be tasted when smoking and smelling dried and well cured buds. The smoke is excellent as it is a clear high with no paranoia or any of that stuff, you just get a clear uplifting high and that means that this is a very good daytime smokers plant. The effect will last from 2 to 3 hours and it wont give you the couch lock / tiered feeling and you will be more energetic and joyful!

As you can see in these pictures this plant gets really violet colors that makes it really look like a blueberry but by far the best think is the smell that has something fruity, lemony and the blueberry aroma that will definatly let you enjoy a tasteful toke!

The regular blueberry strain is so popular that Ludacris has produces a song about it and this autobluebery is almost the same plant with added benefit of the auto-flower growth cycle with makes it the best autoflowering cannabis strain.

If you think that this strain is for you, you can get the Feminised Seeds for Blueberry Auto on Seedsman and grow it yourself!


  1. john kolosky on

    Need more info on auto flowering what is the best? And is their any chance it might turn male lets hope not what kind of soil with or without nutriants in soil do you veggie nutrition and go to the buddy nutrition please get back to me I need to place a order in before my are complete thanks JK

    • Hi there,
      I love the auto blueberry as it has a nice taste , but the original amnesia autoflower is very potent if you like potent stuff!
      Check out the grow guide at the top menu , there is a complete autoflower grow description!

      • Hey midiwho, I was reading you’re articles about the different light sources I could use and I had a few questions for you, I’m a beginner grower and I’m looking too setup a small closet grow maybe 2-3 small autoflowering plants. I was wondering what light source you would recommend, I also will have a few other questions as I go along the way, I will leave you my email address it would be great if you could email me so I can get good advice from someone who knows their doing lol….okay here’s my email ………thanks for you’re time and input it is greatly appreciated, take care John

  2. I am into my third indoor grow using a mylar lined oversized storage container. I grew auto blueberry and used Phillips LED bulbs. They were 17 watts and 6500k lights. I used three bulbs and grew three plants and got a dried ounce off each plant.iI used a 4 inch computer fan to keep everything ventilated and they went to flower on the fifth set of leaves and filled in fast and sweet and in 8 weeks I was harvesting and drying my first crop. it’s not ticket science and it’s called weed for a reason……. Because it can grow fast and practically anywhere in. Just plant…. water properly and relax and easy on the nutrition.

    • Hey, tnx for stopping by!
      How was the taste of that blueberry auto?
      From autoflowers it is my favorite strain!
      For the growing part of course it is not that hard, but if you want to maximize yield then knowledge is power!

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