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harvested budAuto Pineapple Express from Barneys Farm is a really great strain to grow as it tastes amazing but also give you a great yield and fast growth.

This strain is similar to the original Pineapple express from the same seed company just an autoflower version, so it will flower automatically in any light environment but the exact genetics of this are Ruderalis strain crossed with Skunk #1 and Cheese! This crossing makes this an amazing strain to grow but I have to warn that this is not a particularly easy to grow strain because it is picky in nutrient selection and any overdose or Ph problems will manifest quite strong! I had a bit of overfeed with 3/4 strenght bloom nutrients at the last few weeks of growth and also slight nitrogen deficiency symptoms at the second or third week and I have grown quite a lot of auto-crops so new growers could also have the same issues. But maybe this was just one of those grows that did not do well as I was running this plant for seed production in small pot.

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Anyway the growth was fast and in those first weeks before those first real flowers started to form I could almost see her grow a bit every day and that is great! I have seen countless forum thread around the web getting the same results but also some nutrient problems so be careful and don’t over or under feed her.

I started in a nutrient rich potting soil and did not gave her any feeding for those first two weeks and then started with 1/2 strength grow nutes till flowering. As she started to flower I switched to Bloom nutrients again at 1/2 strength for the first week. Then I changed the schedule to 3/4 required strength and she started to show some nutrient overdose so I had to flush her and revert back to 1/2 strength nutes.

Apart from that nutrient problem she grew beautiful and at those first two weeks of flower you will get that whiff of sweet aroma but be sure to get your light real close as she can also stretch a bit if you deprive her of that needed light strenght.

She grew for 85 days from seed and felt a bit like a 50:50 sativa and indica cross because those buds were not that dense as some indica dominant autos that I grew alongside her. But overall the look was great and as the harvest approached she started to turn purple and that bud formation is something amazing. I really liked to look at this plant because of those beautiful purple buds and it was almost sad to chop her down!

After harvest your pineapple express will smell amazing and the odor while it was growing was even more distinct. You will be able smell that sweet fruity pineapple and almost no skunk smell and those buds really smell like that pineapple fruits without that skunk earthy aroma. The intensity of the smell is not that great but when you squeeze the plant or in the first weeks of flowering you will definitely feel that sweet aroma in your growing environment. When those sweet buds will be dried and cured the smell will be even more distinct but you will need to squeeze them quite strongly to feel the whole bouquet of flavors from those buds. I can’t really tell what else is there but pineapple is the strongest of them all and there is basically a tropical paradise of smells that will definitely make you squeeze those buds while they are growing and also before smoking!

Another great thing to mention is that those buds will have a lot of brown hairs and you will be able to tell these buds apart from any other strain just because of those brown hairs and also a bit of purple hue in those top buds.

The smoke won’t feel any different from any other autoflower plant and you won’t taste that pineapple from the smoke alone. The harshness is quite OK when smoked from bong and a bit stronger when a joint was used but overall not that harsh like those indica dominant crosses usually are.

I felt that with water bong you can inhale quite a bit of smoke and you don’t need to cough as there is almost no irritation to your lungs and throat. After the initial intake you will have that dry mouth but also a hint of pineapple taste on your tongue so I can’t say that the smoke has no flavor but just a tiny amount! After the first puff you will have some lack-time before you can feel any effects but when you do it will feel really uplifting and inspiring and everything will feel just perfect.

This strain is amazing for medical patients as any pain will be gone and no paranoia or other ill effect will be induced by this strain. As the effect progresses you can get a lot of things done and you will appreciate the music and food and you can really do creative things like writing, painting and playing music. As the smoking cycles starts to end you will still feel energetic and uplifted and not sleepy at all so this is one of the best strains to use in daytime in a party or social gatherings as it promotes thinking and won’t give you that couch-lock feeling. I used this strain for my back pain and after 5 minutes there were no pain left and I was able to do the stuff I needed to do without hard psychoactive effects. I guess the high is so effective in pain relief because breeders say this auto pineapple express has high CBD value, but I have not tested it so I can’t be sure!

As for the yield I can’t really give an accurate reading as half of my auto pineapple express was seeded and she was grown in small pot but from what I have seen on other websites she can get anywhere from 20 to 60 grams and that is quite ok considering she doesn’t grow larger than 50 or 60 centimeters.

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Pineapple Express auto is one of the best tasting cannabis strains and this is a must-have plant for any decent grower!

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    Hi, I’m about to start germinating my auto Pineapple Express and I’d like to know if I should top her to increase yield.
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