When considering what auto seeds to buy you need to know all the factors that are involved in growing these magnificent plants.

Autoflowering cannabis or also called cannabis ruderalis is the third subspecies of the main cannabis genus and it is a small but very strong plant that can survive almost any growing conditions. This small plant grows under any light cycle and it doesn’t need the light cycle change that is necessary for Indica and Sativa(photo sensitive) plants to start flowering.

Automatic cannabis seeds look exactly like all the regular strain seeds and they do not differ in size or shape form them. The germination process and it’s length is almost the same as Indica or Sativa and can be a bit easier and faster because autoflower plant has adapted to the cold climate conditions and seeds will sprout faster in those ruff conditions.

The life cycle of this day neutral cannabis plant is short(60 to 100 days) and it doesn’t need so much attention as the regular strains do, but the end product is almost as good as from regular cannabis strains, and in some cases even better. In nature these ruderalis plants produce plants that has small amounts of THC and high concetration of CBD so they can also be good for medical purposes! But most often we are interested in those autoflower seeds that produce plants with THC levels from 7% to 25%. These ruderalis weed plants have been engineered  to have Sativa and Indica traits so that growers can enjoy the sweet Sativa or strong Indica taste from a small automatically flowering plant that is no more than 2 to 3 feet tall and will reach full maturity in 2 months. There are different kinds of auto seeds and they typically range from small plants to super autos that can get almost as tall as regular strains but flower automatically.

Ruderalis indica seeds are made from crossing the wild ruderalis plant with indica strains, and the result is amazing! Imagine getting all the benefits of an indica plant with all the strengths like big THC contents and disease resistance in a auto plant that is ready in 6 weeks from seed to bud. The best auto indica plants are always well appreciated and growers like that high THC content and low prices.

Automatically flowering sativa seeds are made from crossing Sativa and auto-cannabis plants. This interesting mix makes a perfect autoflower plant for outside growers and inside growers with bigger spaces dedicated for growing. Sativa ruderalis plants are larger and have higher CBD than Indica dominant auto strains. They are perfect for medical users and medical growers love autoflowering sativa seeds for their increased yield and medicinal properties.

Super autoflowering strains are the new breed of autos. These huge plants are as big and potent as regular strains but they will start flowering automatically on almost any light cycle. Super autos have huge yield and their flowering period is much longer than regular automatic cannabis plants and that gives growers new possibilities for growing auto-strains. Super autoflower seeds are new and they might be the next big thing because commercial growers can now for the first time use these automatic seeds to produce huge buds.

Another factor that you need to consider before buying these auto-flowering seeds is the possibility to buy feminized auto seeds that guarantees those plants will always produce females. This feminized seed thing is amazing because you don’t  need to plant dozen plants and wait for them to reach flowering and then kill the males, and this is especially true for autoflowering strains because when you can find out the sex of the little seedling it is already 1/3 to 1/2 of the plants life and that feel like a waste of money because you have grown those males with light that could have been used by females. The space, time and money that you save buying these feminized autoflowering seeds is amazing and you should definitely consider them!

So if you want a cannabis plant that is small, very easy to grow and can offer almost any taste, smell and strength then autoflowering cannabis seeds are for you!


  1. I am looking for some Auto-seeds to grow outside, I have 12 hours of sun all year round, want a good taste, with a good strength. Have smoked everyday for over 40 years, and only smoke quality, which is very hard to get where i live, as it takes 9 months to grow the local stuff, some good, most crap. I am in the UK at present, your help and advice would be appreciated. Thanks Joe

    • Hi Joe
      I myself love the auto blueberry strain as it has that sweet taste and quite decent yield, but i have not grown it outside so I cant give you specific advice but I think all autos are good for outdoor planting.
      It all depends of what you mean quality, is it the potency or yield or taste as each of those categories have different leaders. For the taste my favorite is that auto blueberry, for fast yield i like that fast bud #2 and for potency the original amnesia auto flower is wonderful. Also if you like to wait a bit longer than those SUPER autoflowers would be good for you and Bib bang autoflower or Super Stinky will give huge yields.

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